The Growth of the Pro-Life Movement

Abortion has been legal in this country since 1967. It would not become legal in all fifty states for another six after that. However, since that time the pro-life movement has been silently strong. However, in recent years with Planned Parenthood’s despicable practice of selling aborted fetuses the pro life movement has picked up considerable steam.

One way we have seen the growth is the annual Protest PP rallies we have seen taking place. The marches are hosted by various groups but all under the umbrealla of three main pro-life organizations, Citizens for a Pro-life Society, Created Equal, and the Pro-life Action League.  The Pro-Life Action League being one of the longest and most controversial pro-life organizations around.  However, this is one of the few times since abortion was legalized that we have seen pro-life groups uniting and having success as a unified presence. The March for Life has also seen growth in recent years as well. According to  The event [the March for Life] was bigger than last year. We counted around 1,000 participants in all, double the numbers attending in 2015.

This past weekend (April 28 and 29) was the second annual rallies. The beautiful thing about the rallies is that they took place nationwide so if you couldn’t go to one you could go to another. Some rallies only last a couple hours some last virtually all day and you were able to choose where to spend your time. Prior to the video coming out about if you got a half dozen people to a rally that was incredible. However, since the videos, while it is still at the point the pro-life side would like to be at all the rallies, there is a significant uptick in the overall number of people attending.

One of the groups that has been part of the Protest PP rallies is Audio Girl Ministries. Audio Girl is pro-life ministry run by Sylvia Aimerito and her partner Lori Rae Martin.  (For Richard Cameron’s and Dena Leichnitz’s interview of Sylvia click here) Sylvia has previously commented to the author how she sees the pro life movement taking off: “I have been to rallies in the past where there were only one or two people there. The pro-life movement is definitely taking off.” Sylvia said most cheerfully.

There is still much to do and much misinformation being passed around by the pro-choice crowd. From abortion does not cause breast cancer to it is just a blob of tissue, the Left has a real problem with truth and science. However, at the Protest PP rallies the truth is presented in a loving and compassionate way. No violence is ever tolerated at the marches.

Holocausts don’t end overnight and unfortunately, the same is true for abortion but it is coming to an end. As more people attend and the numbers trend from paltry single digits to double and eventually thousands, as abortion clinics continue to shut down, as more laws are created to protect the unborn, the pro-life side will prevail and history will come down on our side, not the pro-choice one.






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