About Us

National Compass – A New Direction in National Media

National Compass is charting a new course

for news / lifestyle websites.  It includes political commentary, but not exclusively.  Our news content is distinct from pure opinion, with emphasis instead on informed analysis.  National Compass’ lifestyle features offer the reader a wide range of subjects and categories with fresh and unique perspectives.

A background context of history adds critical relevance and insight, together with the authority that comes from referencing citations of recognized experts in their field of subject matter.  You can be confident that our reports are confirmed for accuracy by our editors and news commentary is fact checked and documented to assure you that you are not seeing fictional narratives and “alternative facts”.

National Compass, in its political coverage, strives to avoid serving strict partisanship or ideology – instead highlighting facts and steering away from extremes. Though not purely objective, our contributors strive to place data and facts inside a framework that examines government and society with an eye towards provoking thought and more profound reflection on the issues of the day.