Trump’s Betrayal – A Commander-In-Chief’s Counterfeit Affection For The Troops

National Compass has just published its first eBook – “Trump’s Betrayal: A Commander-in-Chief’s Counterfeit Affection For The Troops”


We examine one of the foundational premises of Trump’s appeal to many who voted for him in the 2016 Presidential Election and those who still plan to vote to re-elect him in 2020 – the notion that Trump goes to great lengths to instill in his political base, that “no one loves the military, more than I do.”

The evidence we’ve assembled, demonstrates that such is not the case, but instead, Trump has been using our active duty and veteran troops as political pawns in his con game.

This book is not me prattling on endlessly about my personal opinion of Donald Trump. Instead, I propose a thesis and apply the Socratic method to it.

The net effect of this is to use facts and documented references to blunt the objection from Trump partisans that this is simply a book with an ingrained Anti-Trump bias. They may not like the conclusion we arrive at, but they will find it difficult, if not impossible, to debate the evidence we present.

I’m presenting a story, but I’m not telling it. I’m the narrator – the telegraph wire, if you will. The voices you will be hearing from are people who are in the story or right up close to it – vets, veteran orgs, credible journalists that write the national security and military beat.

We’re making the eBook available for any contribution you wish, on a “tip jar” basis, at the safe and secure Pay Pal link below. The eBook is on an exclusive online only WordPress based format because it contains a great deal of interactive content, infographics and live links the formatting of which, does not lend itself to traditional eBook formats.

To order the eBook, please use the Safe and Secure PayPal donate link on the upper right sidebar of any page or post on the website. We’ll send the digital book same day.

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