RBG: Avoid The Political Theater, Watch The Big Picture

Most Americans  -including half of Republicans – believe that the Senate should not hold hearings on a replacement until next year.  The best play for the Democratic Party Leaders is to stand with the people and pound their fists with righteous indignation as Senate Republicans ignore the will of the voters. Because, when the Democrats make-believe they can stop this from happening, and then it happens anyway they look weak. and stupid. Again!

Covidiocracy: Redefining Zealotry For Trump’s Long Con

Trump’s battalions of butt kissers have been called a cult and with good reason.  Absolute loyalty and the refusal to accept criticism of the leader certainly are hallmarks of a cult. Trumper’s are so much worse than that though.  Although cult members apply confirmation bias in thick coats and will eagerly embrace lies to fit their beliefs, they are largely insular and don’t care if people outside the fold believe what they do.  Trump loyalists need to change history for everyone becuase they are not just cult members they are willing participants in Donald Trump’s long con.