Trump Is Failing The Basic Test Of Leadership

  by Tony Wyman   Donald J. Trump   Basic Test Of Leadership  …………………………….. (F)   On Saturday, while millions of Americans took a break from panic-buying food and toilet paper to watch the daily coronavirus briefing from the White House, Pres. Trump, after being asked by reporters about chronic shortages of protective equipment still plaguing […]

Donald Trump The Socialist President His Voters (And Donors) Approve Of

by Richard Cameron Trump The Socialist President I always find it amusing whenever I see folks on Facebook, promoting the belief that (impeached) president Donald J. Trump is a “socialist” or a “crypto-Democrat”. I usually just note the existence of the phenomenon, shrug my shoulders and move on.  It’s a notion that a certain segment […]

The “Bernie Bros” May Put Trump In The White House Just Like in ’16

  by Tony Wyman   If it wasn’t for the 2016 flare-up of Bernie Sanders‘ supporters, America wouldn’t be suffering through the fourth year of the worst presidency in the nation’s history. Yes, Bernie Bros, you are the reason Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump four years ago.  A whopping 12% of you threw your […]

Why You Should Hire Women Over Men, According to Science

  Care about your bottom line? Then you should preferably hire women rather than men.     This is true regardless of whether you factor in diversity considerations. Separately from the beneficial financial, social, and cultural impact of having a diverse workforce, hiring women over men makes dollars and sense.   You might be surprised […]