Texas University Reverses Politically Correct Ruling – SMU Allows 9-11 Display On Main Lawn

by Oletta Branstiter Application Denied for Traditional Display The Young Americans for Freedom chapter at Southern Methodist University followed the proper procedures needed to apply for their annual Never Forget display on the Dallas Hall Lawn, formally requesting the space for nearly 3,000 American flags covering the open area as part of their 9-11 commemoration […]

Randi Weingarten And Her Teacher’s Unions’ ABC’s – Anything But Competence

by Richard Cameron   Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), is the second largest educational labor union in the United States, with approximately half the number of members as the National Education Association (NEA). Charter Schools “Polite Cousins” Of Segregation? AFT’s President, Randi Weingarten has made a number of controversial public […]

Therapy Animals Bring Comfort, Reduce Stress, Companionship And Relieve Depression

by J. Lee   It has been proven how therapy animals provide many wonderful benefits and hope to those in need of comfort. Visitations could be at a hospital, convalescent home, in home or in an educational setting. Just seeing a pet brings joy. Therapy animals primarily include dogs, cats, standard or miniature horses, llamas, pigs, rabbits […]

Academic Diversity Under Fire – UCLA Students Want Conservative Professor Keith Fink to Stay

by Dena Leichnitz and Richard Cameron   While UCLA is known for being one of the best universities in the country, it is also known for being one of the most liberal as well. However, that is not to say there are no conservative students or professors on campus. You just don’t hear from them as often. […]