More COVID-19 Denialism And More Mask Hysteria

by Richard Cameron More COVID-19 Denialism And More Mask Hysteria Here we are at the end of June and although it is certain that 128,686 Americans have died from COVID-19, Trumpublicans are still entertaining denialism about the pandemic.  It’s more likely than not that the death toll is an undercount, not an overcount as the […]

Writer’s Lounge – COVID-19 Anarchy, Domestic Terrorism, Anastasia Review

  COVID-19 Anarchy, Domestic Terrorism   You’ve noticed that we have been covering COVID-19 from a handful of related and interchangeable avenues lately – the so-called “anti-lockdown” protests, Trump’s irresponsible messaging on the pandemic, premature re-openings of commercial activity and the militant reactions of some shoppers in response to being politely asked to wear face […]

Trump’s Re-Election Nightmare Is Written On The Wall And In Polling Data

  by Richard Cameron   For a lengthy stretch, most of Trump’s presidency, there existed a narrow band of volatility with regard to polls having to do with the American electorate’s perception and assessment of Trump and his performance in office. As many have observed, he has had a pretty firm floor and a very […]

Red States’ Re-openings Are Not Performing As Advertised – Look Like Clunkers

  by Richard Cameron   Red States’ Re-openings Are Not Performing As Advertised   The re-opening thing is not working as advertised.  New cases of COVID-19 are on the uptick in states where militant anti-stay at home protesters demanded that community mitigation come to a halt. Texas, even before Governor Abbott officially began authorization to […]

Shoppers Draw Inspiration From Trump In Defying Retailers’ COVID-19 Rules

  by Richard Cameron   Shoppers Draw Inspiration From Trump In Defying Retailers’ COVID-19 Rules   As we have been reporting, there is a sizable minority in the United States, that are militating against the CDC’s advisory for citizens to don protective face coverings in environments where groups of people concentrate, such as retail establishments, […]

Trump Unfit To Lead In A Pandemic Is The Consensus Among Epidemiologists

  by Richard Cameron   Trump unfit to lead in a pandemic -the consensus among Epidemiologists Accredited and recognized experts in epidemiology and public health issues are unified in their rejection of Donald Trump’s messaging, denial of scientific realities and negligence during the outbreak of the coronavirus in America. With some, it has been by […]

Retailers’ COVID-19 Health Mandates Are Met With Violence Against Employees

  by Richard Cameron   “Liberty is the power to do everything that does not interfere with the rights of others: thus, the exercise of the natural rights of every individual has no limits save those that assure to other members of society the enjoyment of the same rights.” Thomas Paine, Plan of a Declaration […]