Trump’s “Bump” On His COVID-19 Coronavirus Handling Is Now A Bust

    by Richard Cameron   The Bump just one day, disappeared … When the first round of public opinion surveys gauging the impressions of Americans on the performance of impeached president Donald Trump re the COVID-19 public health crisis were released, many people found the results to be astonishing. Astonishing in the sense that […]

Trump Is Failing The Basic Test Of Leadership

  by Tony Wyman   Donald J. Trump   Basic Test Of Leadership  …………………………….. (F)   On Saturday, while millions of Americans took a break from panic-buying food and toilet paper to watch the daily coronavirus briefing from the White House, Pres. Trump, after being asked by reporters about chronic shortages of protective equipment still plaguing […]

Donald Trump The Socialist President His Voters (And Donors) Approve Of

by Richard Cameron Trump The Socialist President I always find it amusing whenever I see folks on Facebook, promoting the belief that (impeached) president Donald J. Trump is a “socialist” or a “crypto-Democrat”. I usually just note the existence of the phenomenon, shrug my shoulders and move on.  It’s a notion that a certain segment […]