The Real Hunters In This Story Are Not Named Biden

by Jennifer K Puebla The Real Hunters In This Story Are Not Named Biden One would think by now that we are all accustomed to partisan reporting agencies taking the same events and coming away with two completely different stories from them. Usually it’s only in the headlines where the most obscene discrepancies lie, because […]

Writer’s Lounge – Sorting Out George Floyd’s Murder And The Demand For Justice

  Sorting Out George Floyd’s Murder Editor’s Note: My approach to handling events of the magnitude that we have seen in the last several days, namely the reaction to the killing of George Floyd and the inexcusably delayed arrest of Minneapolis P.D. Officer Derek Michael Chauvin – is generally, to take some additional time to […]

Writer’s Lounge – COVID-19 Anarchy, Domestic Terrorism, Anastasia Review

  COVID-19 Anarchy, Domestic Terrorism   You’ve noticed that we have been covering COVID-19 from a handful of related and interchangeable avenues lately – the so-called “anti-lockdown” protests, Trump’s irresponsible messaging on the pandemic, premature re-openings of commercial activity and the militant reactions of some shoppers in response to being politely asked to wear face […]