Writer’s Lounge – Sorting Out George Floyd’s Murder And The Demand For Justice

  Sorting Out George Floyd’s Murder Editor’s Note: My approach to handling events of the magnitude that we have seen in the last several days, namely the reaction to the killing of George Floyd and the inexcusably delayed arrest of Minneapolis P.D. Officer Derek Michael Chauvin – is generally, to take some additional time to […]

Ignorance And Denialism, Not COVID-19, Is The Greatest Pandemic Threatening America

  by Tony Wyman   “Either America will destroy ignorance or ignorance will destroy the United States.” – W.E.B DuBois   In the seminal novel about a dystopian totalitarian future 1984, author George Orwell penned the line “Ignorance is Strength” as one of the three slogans of the dictatorial political party of “Big Brother” that […]