Piercing The Republican Propaganda

by Wes Walker via libertyisftw.org The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy… look around, what do you see? Business men, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save… You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of […]

A Typical Week in the Trump Era

by Wes Walker via libertyisftw.org May 2nd, 2018 Days after joining Donald Trump‘s legal team, Rudy Giuliani goes on Sean Hannity‘s show and reveals that Donald Trump lied about not knowing about the hush money payment his then lawyer Michael Cohen paid to a porn star that Trump had an extra-marital affair with in 2006. […]

The Economics Quarterly: 2018Q1

by Wes Walker via libertyisftw.org GDP GROWTH DATA The preliminary estimate for the first quarter of 2018 was 2.3%, which extended the period of time the GDP growth rate has been 2.0% or higher to over a year. The final growth figure for the fourth quarter of 2017 was 2.9%. There has not been a […]

Spend Your Tax Day Remembering Thomas Paine

by Wes Walker via libertyisftw.org [A] by-stander, not blinded by prejudice… would declare, that taxes were not raised to carry on wars, but that wars were raised to carry on taxes.” – Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man Thomas Paine, whose name sadly few Americans will even recognize, is undeniably as central a hero of […]

Rediscovering Sobriety in America

by Wes Walker via libertyisftw.org Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32 Political victories are intoxicating. The passion of the movement. The zeal of a shared purpose. The consummation of esprit de corps. Being party to something larger than one’s self. All of it is intoxicating… but, like […]

Tyranny Actual: Trump’s Border War

by Wes Walker via libertyisftw.org “An instance of invading a country or region with an armed force.” – Definition of “Invasion”, The Oxford Dictionaries   Border Wars President Donald “Ow, my bone spurs! I guess I can’t go to Vietnam after all, guys…” Trump announced that he wants to militarize our southern border with Mexico (that’s what you […]

In Context: “The Perfect Before The Good”

by Wes Walker via libertyisftw.org Back in July of 2017, Kellyanne Conway was on FoxBusiness rallying support for a GOP health care plan that, like its predecessors, went on to die of lack of support in Congress. During the interview, however, she complained that too many American conservatives were putting “the perfect before the good” in their opposition […]

“Braking” the March for Our Lives Narrative

by Wes Walker via libertyisftw.org Well, I say one life is worth more than all the guns in America.” – Sarah Chadwick, Parkland School Shooting Survivor The gun control lobby is continuing a strong emotional push for legislation abridging the constitutionally protected right of millions of Americans to keep and bear arms, most recently with the […]