Ignorance And Denialism, Not COVID-19, Is The Greatest Pandemic Threatening America

  by Tony Wyman   “Either America will destroy ignorance or ignorance will destroy the United States.” – W.E.B DuBois   In the seminal novel about a dystopian totalitarian future 1984, author George Orwell penned the line “Ignorance is Strength” as one of the three slogans of the dictatorial political party of “Big Brother” that […]

Trump Is Failing The Basic Test Of Leadership

  by Tony Wyman   Donald J. Trump   Basic Test Of Leadership  …………………………….. (F)   On Saturday, while millions of Americans took a break from panic-buying food and toilet paper to watch the daily coronavirus briefing from the White House, Pres. Trump, after being asked by reporters about chronic shortages of protective equipment still plaguing […]

The “Bernie Bros” May Put Trump In The White House Just Like in ’16

  by Tony Wyman   If it wasn’t for the 2016 flare-up of Bernie Sanders‘ supporters, America wouldn’t be suffering through the fourth year of the worst presidency in the nation’s history. Yes, Bernie Bros, you are the reason Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump four years ago.  A whopping 12% of you threw your […]

Newt Gingrich Sowed The Seeds That Led The GOP Into Trumpism

  by Tony Wyman   We can spend 1907 words in this article beating around the bush, listing examples of how the Democratic Party contributes to the problem Americans have with the state of politics in our country.  There is, afterall, some meat to that argument.  Clearly, the Democrats have their share of scoundrels who […]

Male Mental Health – It’s Time Men Start Bonding With Each Other Emotionally

  by Tony Wyman   Male Mental Health and the risks of friendship and bonding deficits.   Yeah, I know, we are all supposed to be tougher than new rope and capable of shrugging off every emotional blow like The Terminator deflected bullets. But, the reality is, that just isn’t …well…reality.  Men are no tougher […]