Schrodinger’s Cat And Trump’s Potty Mouth

by Oletta Branstiter “Shithole Countries” On Thursday, the Washington Post was the first to report the accusation by Senator Dick Durbin (D – IL) that during a bipartisan legislative meeting on immigration, President Trump said, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” The President was referring to what he considers the […]

Resolutions For Restoring Our Republic

by Oletta Branstiter In 2017, America resolved to curb the Progressive movement. Reflecting back to 2017, President Trump accomplished much better policies than Hillary Clinton would have wrought! This article proves it: Year One List: 81 major Trump achievements, 11 Obama legacy items repealed   Americans are not content with better. We strive for what […]

Quantum Physics of Prayer: Time-Space

by Oletta Branstiter Movement Equals Time and Space The fourth dimension is time+space, or the movement of 3D objects. Time is an interval separating two points of movement. There is no time without movement. And movement creates the dimension of space. In fact, we can’t even perceive three dimensions without movement (think of a globe: […]

Quantum Physics of Prayer: Song-Cube

by Oletta Branstiter Cue the Creator’s Song In the beginning, Creation was the creative thought of God (Zero Dimensions: Thought-Point). Light connected everything to Him in real time (One Dimension: Connection-Line). Then Light invited creation to participate with divine energy (Two Dimensions: Truth-Plane). Now, we have a dimension created by factoring a plane by one […]

Quantum Physics of Prayer: Truth-Plane

by Oletta Branstiter Two Dimensions of Prayer  So far, in this series, we’ve become acquainted with an evolution from the zero dimension of Thought to the first dimension of Connection to God and all creation in real time. The second dimension refers to Light squared (l x w). The line becomes a plane – Thought vibrating […]

Thanks To Trump, We Have A Failure to Communicate!

by Oletta Branstiter Words mean things. What do you think of when you hear the words “conservative”, “evangelical”, “Christian”, “moral”, “Republican”, “Constitutionalist” and “patriotism”? Those who instantly thought of Donald Trump and his supporters are grossly mistaken. And they’ve done our nation a yuge disservice. Unfortunately, the damage is already done. Using typical Progressive tactics, […]

Expand Your Time. Do Less. Be More.

by Oletta Branstiter We’re so busy doing that we miss living. Let’s explore one of life’s little paradoxes. The Theory of Special Relativity (originally proposed by Albert Einstein) has been scientifically proven by physicists in the lab. These experiments confirm that the faster that matter travels, the slower time goes!   When I’m traveling in […]

Quantum Physics of Prayer: Connection-Line

by Oletta Branstiter The Primary Connection If zero dimensions represent thought, the first dimension represents the trajectory of that conceptual thought. One dimension is the energy wave created when the thought-point interacts with the void, or antimatter. It’s like plucking one never-ending string on a guitar. Where does the thought-note lead? What does a one-dimensional […]