Breakfast Deal at Krystal

by Michael Murillo Krystal, like most fast food restaurants, has a morning menu. But you only have a week left to catch a great deal on a sizeable breakfast item. Their 3 Egg Breakfast starts with (of course) three eggs. Then they add grits, sausage and toast for a meal that’s more like breakfast at […]

Arby’s Knows…Pizza?

By Michael Murillo Arby’s and pizza go together like peanut butter and beer, or milk and Merlot. You might like them fine on their own, but together? Sounds a little weird. But fear not: Arby’s new Pizza Slider (a limited-time addition to their growing slider menu) is Arby’s through and through. Sure, it includes pizza […]

Chick-fil-A Touts Two New Items

What’s better than a new Chick-fil-A sandwich to try? A new drink to go along with it! Just in time for summer, the restaurant chain is breaking out the Smokehouse BBQ Bacon Sandwich, which features their grilled chicken fillet with (of course) barbeque sauce and bacon. You also get Colby Jack cheese, lettuce and a […]

Get Naked With This New Taco Bell Item

By Michael Murillo Taco Bell wants you to get naked. Get their Naked Chicken Chips, that is. They’re not really chips, and they’re only “naked” in that they’re served by themselves. So we’re talking about chip-shaped grabbable chicken pieces. Sure, you could call them chicken nuggets shaped into a Taco Bell aesthetic. But where’s the fun in […]

Worst Breakfast Ever? BK Froot Loops Shake

By Michael Murillo When commercials say that cereal is “part of a nutritious breakfast,” this isn’t what they meant. Burger King has taken a kids’ staple and mixed it with their soft serve to create their Froot Loops Shake, which features — obviously — Froot Loops cereal pieces. It’s not meant to be breakfast, but it is meant to […]