The Mainstream Media Provides Anti-Biden Narratives To The GOP

  by Richard Cameron The Mainstream Media Provides Anti-Biden Narratives To The GOP The legacy or mainstream media – the alphabets, CNN and various other news outlets, are exhibiting the behavior of Piranha fish.  They are looking for the slightest weaknesses in the performance of the Biden White House and President Biden himself, attacking them […]

Things We’re Watching – Trump Butthurt And Test Marketing

  Things We’re Watching: Trump Butthurt Over Being Booed Dan Abrams, host of new News Nation feature, “Dan Abrams Live”, hosted a segment on Monday with Bill O’Reilly, disgraced former Faux News bloviating buffoon, to discuss with O’Reilly, the incident earlier this week in Houston, Texas on the final leg of the “History Tour” in […]

Things We’re Watching – Fake Patriotic Holiday Trees Ablaze

  Editor’s Note: As Editor of National Compass, I have decided to change things up a bit going into the Fall and perhaps generally moving forward. Because we don’t compel readers to be interrupted by ads, pop-ups and constant carney barking hustles for subscriptions, we correspondingly do not have a steady or substantial income stream […]