Writer’s Lounge – Russian Discontent, Ukrainegate And Trump’s Off The Hook

  Editor’s Note: Our staff journalist on Russian affairs and Eastern Europe, Kseniya Kirillova, has penned an analysis of the domestic political atmosphere in the Russian Federation, an overall growing disapproval of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his party, and the formation of a nascent resistance movement. She discusses the protests that have manifested increasingly […]

Countering Russia’s ‘Ideologies For Export’ Propaganda And Disinformation War

by Kseniya Kirillova    Ideologies For Export Western countries have been battling Russian propaganda and disinformation campaigns for years. As Russian “information operations” spread around the world, more and more initiatives are being created to expose the lies and distortions emanating from the Kremlin: projects to expose fake news, analytical centers that review and monitor […]

The Russian People Saved Ivan Goluov. Now, Can They Save Russia?

by Kseniya Kirillova The victory of Russia’s civil society in the case of Ivan Golunov* has raised two very important points. Firstly, we have seen that, if provoked, Russians are able to stand up for persons who have fallen into disfavour with police authorities. Secondly, Russian civil society seldom rises to the occasion, especially on such […]