photo of one of the thousands of public executions committed by the Saudi government

Saudi Arabia The 9-11 Terror Sponsor State And Its American Allies


by Richard Cameron


Saudi Arabia The 9-11 Terror Sponsor State And Its American Allies


I don’t have volumes to say today and everything I am going to say is in the category of straight opinion. That’s something rare in my writing, but it is appropriate on this particular day because after 21 years of remembering the murderous attack on this country – your country and my country – my rage has not been pacified and recent events have fully refreshed it.

Saudi Arabia, specifically, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a disgraceful, ugly and hateful spot in the Middle East that is perpetually competing with the likes of Iran and Syria for the title of the most oppressive authoritarian regime in the region, sponsored the plot in 2001, to bring down the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and our seat of democracy, Capitol Hill. They got two out of three.

The third target was averted only because the passengers and crew on Flight 93 decided that if it was going to be stopped, no one else but they could effect it, despite their awareness they would not survive their gallant act.

I’m not at liberty to repeat what I said today about the Saudi government while I watched the Discovery Channel retrospective on that harrowing day in our history.  I have readers who have concerns about profanity and I am already quite potty mouthed and I want to make a point about a few things on my mind in the most inclusive way possible.

What has been leading up to this post, has been some recent very audacious attempts by the House of Saud to paper over the crime they acted as co-conspirators for and bankrolled.

Number one, which you have heard much about, is the LIV Golf Tour that has pulled some very narcissistic and void of personal ethics individuals from the PGA. The list starts with Greg Norman, the main collaborator with the Saudi royals and from there, you have Phil Mickelson and a long roster of self obsessed, greed driven opportunists. 

The list of opportunists, includes someone, that on a daily and sometimes hourly basis, we learn more of in terms of his betrayal of America – Donald Trump.

The second thing on my personal radar is an advertisement that the Sauds are running in various markets, intended to con Americans into getting the impression that Saudi Arabia has reinvented itself. 

It is a promo for a project that the Sauds have on the drawing board that as proposed, would be a massive, futuristic self contained housing project that they have dubbed, “The Line”Wikipedia summarizes it as:

Neom is a Saudi city being built in Tabuk Province in northwestern Saudi Arabia. It is planned to incorporate smart city technologies and function as a tourist destination. The site is north of the Red Sea, east of Egypt across the Gulf of Aqaba, and south of Jordan.

This is the commercial:



In the just over a minute that this runs, the narrative it projects is highly interpretive, but the main themes are clear – being that this city is what the future looks like and implies that it is a future that will encompass Saudi Arabia and also implies that the country will invoke some transformational iteration of a civil society.

Many international architectural engineers consider the plans they’ve seen for this to be highly dubious in terms of the impractibility of the scope and the design.  But that is not the point.

The point is that what is depicted in the advertisement in terms of a societal construct, is extremely deceptive and hypocritical. If such a project were ever to see completion, it would never be inhabited by any ordinary citizens of the Kingdom. It would be more removed from the regular life of the nation than even the conclaves that international oil company workers live in where they have at most, token interaction with Saudi citizens.

The worst aspect of the promotional ad is that it falsely suggest that there is a newly reinvented mode of life on the horizon in Saudi Arabia that leaves behind the suffocating daily abusive conduct of the Saudi government structure against its people. There is no prospect for that.

As a matter of fact, quite the opposite is the reality. So far this year, in March alone, the Saudis have conducted a mass execution of 81 men, including 7 Yemenis, 1 Syrian and 37 Saudi nationals on “terrorism related charges” and for holding “deviant beliefs.”  The ‘terrorism’, in reality, is simply political dissent.

Persons caught expressing views opposing the evil regime of the House of Saud and advocating for human rights. The “deviant beliefs” are, in fact, merely diverging in any way, the strict religious dictatorship of the extreme Sunni Wahhabist interpretation of Islam. 12 of the victims, most likely beheaded, were children. Let me say that again – children!

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet has exposed the fact that the extremely broad Saudi definition of terrorism, primarily includes non-violent acts that “endanger national unity” or “undermine the State’s reputation.”  How it could be possible to “undermine the State’s reputation” more than the Saudi state has already undermined it themselves, is beyond comprehension.

“Endangering national unity”, by the Sauds definition of it, includes the fatal mistake of participating in human rights protests.   But the Saudis were not done in March. In August, there was this:



And this report from NBC News on the fate of yet another Saudi woman:


Both committed the unspeakable atrocity of using the internet to call attention to the human rights catastrophe in the Kingdom.

Whatever empty words of consolation that Donald Trump has ever uttered publicly to the survivors of the fallen on 9-11, he has grossly contradicted by embracing the Saudis and not only papering over their crimes, but enfranchising their attempts at “sportswashing” at his golf courses hosting the LIV tour stops.

Terry Strada is one of the survivors of family members and loved ones killed by the Saudi sponsored terror attack. She states factually that, We know that 15 of the 19 of them [9/11 hijackers] were Saudi nationals, but now we know there was this anti-American pro-jihadist program that was set up in the Saudi Embassy, and it was running out of the consulate out in California, and it was filled with extremists.” 

She and the families represented by the advocacy group 9/11 Families United, are outraged by not only the PGA players who have defected to the new Saudi backed golf league, but at Trump for sponsoring the tournament held at his Bedminster, NJ course.

Of Trump, Strada says, “He did everything in his power to protect the kingdom while in office by reneging on a promise he made to 9/11 families he would declassify FBI reports re: Saudis involvement in 9/11.”

It’s time to sit up and pay attention. We have our own fanatical element in this country that wants to substitute the religion of Christianity, albeit a bowdlerized version, in place of radical Islam, but with the same bloodthirsty insistence of authoritarian obedience. We can’t pretend it “can’t happen here” and then one day wake up to the dystopian reality that it can.

Meanwhile, if I were to live my life over a hundred times, I would never forgive the nation with blood on its hands or the greedy opportunists who aid and abet the Sauds in their attempt at papering over their crimes against humanity.


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