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Our “Kiss Off To Trump” Meme Contest – Frequently Questioned Answers

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Our “Kiss Off To Trump” Meme Contest – Frequently Questioned Answers

About 10 days ago, I attempted to launch a “Kiss Off To Trump” Meme Contest.  What I discovered is that I failed to successfully convey the outlines of how the contest to tell Trump to shove off, was going to unfold and how you go about participating – and it was obvious because my outline of it raised more questions than it answered.  So allow me to reset the whole thing and add some points of clarification.

Concept – National Compass readers want to creatively tell Trump to take a permanent hike.

As regards the “memes” themselves, they are to be created by the contestents themselves.  They don’t have to necessarily be typical image based memes. They can alternately be, video based memes or audio tracks (skits, short essays or slogans).

How you want to go about producing them is essentially entirely up to you.

If you have an idea for a so long hit the road Trump meme, but you are not familiar with the technology to produce it, I will be happy to assist, but the idea – the wording and the image you want to use, must be your concept exclusively.  No existing memes that are already circulating on the internet or on social media will qualify for this contest.                                                                          

Contest Entry Fee

There is a modest entry fee for each submission. We need to raise funds to maintain this site and ideally to grow it beyond the reach it has now.  We have plans for a great new feature for 2021 and need to raise start up funds to do so, as you have noticed that our platform is an independent, no advertising, no pop ups, no paywall, no subscription required site. 

The entry fee for each submission is just $5.  If you wish to contribute more, you are welcome to do so, but it won’t influence the judging. The judges will be blind as to who contributed what amount.                

Where will my “Kiss Off To Trump” meme be seen?

All entries will be featured in three places:

(1), a special edition of Writer’s Lounge,
(2), on our National Compass FB group and page and
(3) – on our Twitter page – @NationalCompas1

I will also post them on my personal FB wall and also on the Impeach Trump page, which I am a co-moderator of.  They will get lots of eyeballs.


The judges will be Senior Contributing Editor, Tony Wyman, Contributing Editor and Technical Advisor, Shannon Hanson and Social Media manager / Contributing Editor, Jennifer Keller-Puebla.  In the unlikely event that between the three of them, there is a tie vote for First Place and / or for First Runner-up, I will be the tie-breaking vote. Otherwise, I am out of it.                                                                                               

Submitting your entry

How do you participate?  I’m targeting this special “Kiss Off To Trump” edition for publication next Monday, January 19th. You’ll need to get your contest submission in by Sunday night (Jan. 18),  or early Monday A.M. at the latest.

To submit your entry fee, you can simply use the secure PayPal “tip jar” donation link that you see on the upper right hand corner of this post – or at the bottom of this post.  Then send me an alert on Messenger or to: – that you have done so and then if you already have your meme, send it that way or let me know it will be forthcoming.  All donations for the entry fee are refundable if you are not prepared to submit your entry by the 19th. 

That is it as far as I can think of in terms of how to get this party started. Oh, one other thing – the winning contest entry and the 1st Runner Up, will be separately featured in the next edition after the judging. 

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We’re independent and keeping true to evidence based reports with no constraints from corporate interests.

We don’t subject you to annoying pop-up advertising or constant appeals for money. We need your support to expand our journalism and increase our influence.

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