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GOP Reminding Democrats Of Unity Call: Too Little Too Late

  Jennifer Keller Puebla


GOP Reminding Democrats Of Unity Call: Too Little Too Late

I am a survivor of domestic abuse. In fact I’ve had multiple abusers over my life. For the most part none of the abuse was physically violent though I have feared for my life more than once with, I believe, good reason.

My abuse consisted mainly of emotional manipulation and psychological infiltration, violence against my sense of self and against reality.

Please believe me when I tell you that what we are seeing now from most Republican lawmakers and “leaders” is the same behavior seen in my domestic abusers.  It is violence being perpetrated on our souls through speech seeking to manipulate and taint us at our very cores.  It is also an attempt to reset the stage for more abuse to follow.

The term gaslighting has come out in mainstream communications the last few years. Psychology Today defines gaslighting as “an insidious form of manipulation and psychological control.”
We have seen day after day examples of this behavior from DJT, his political supports, and his supporters in the media.

But for the most part the gaslighting failed to move us. Time to up their game.

For months now President-Elect Biden has called for healing and unity for our Nation. He spoke against the sporadic violence from the Black Lives Matter protests over the Summer, most instances which have now been proved to have been committed by white supremacists who had infiltrated the protests to discredit BLM.

He has promised to be the President of all Americans, not separating them into Red and Blue State citizens.

Never did the GOP accept his call. Never did they encourage their voters to accept his call. After the election they did the very opposite of embracing unity by mimicking DJT’s call saying the election was “rigged,” “stolen,” and even “illegally won.”  They called for their base to never back down and promised they would fight to the end.

Trump’s legal team has consistently whipped his base into a frenzy with lies about having “proof” but never delivering any. In fact, not only did they lose 64 out of 65 legal actions they pursued they admitted to multiple judges that they were not alleging any fraud, just points of order or discrepancies.

Pro Trump protesters with "Stop the steal" and other signs

Conspiracy groups like QAnon, staunch loyalists to trump and haters of the “Left” have risen in power and influence due to the embrace of the GOP and of trump.

All of this culminated in the now forever infamous terrorist siege of our Capital Building on January 6 leading to 5 deaths and numerous injuries while members of Congress and their staff hid from radical Right-Wing maniacs calling for their executions. The siege incited by DJT, his family, his lawyer, and his accomplices was aided by inside sources.

Only now is the right calling for that unity President-Elect Biden longed for months ago.  Only now are they saying we need to heal rather than impeach. Rather than hold people accountable.  Just like a domestic abuser would do.

When you have finally had enough. When you are leaving because you CANNOT stay any more. The fake apologies have run their course and you are no longer open to accepting what-aboutisms

Blame shifting no longer works. They know you know it’s not your fault. Then comes the “but you said you love me’s” therefore you can change nothing about our relationship.  Or even “you claim to be a Christian so you have to forgive me” meaning I should never have to face a consequence when I hurt you.

Tweet from Rep Jim Jordan accusing Dems of not really wanting unity after all

They depend on you taking the high road. They need you to be a better person than they are. They target good souls.

The GOP know they are on their last stand. They are scared. Some fear losing power. Some are terrified of being investigated and held accountable for sedition and terrorism. And so, we hear “I thought you wanted unity” screamed at camera lenses, shouted on the House floor, and posted in social media.

The implication is clear. “You never wanted unity. You never wanted healing. IF you did, you’d never leave me…” You can see how the two circumstances can easily get muddled.  Domestic abusers wanting unquestioned and unaccountable power over their victim. Political abusers/Domestic terrorists wanting unquestioned and unaccountable power over our nation.

For anyone who has fallen for this last trap you know it is a short reprieve at best. They will do it again.

In order to heal as a nation, as intertwined communities of individuals and groups to be able to live in peace there must be accountability for those who would steal that peace and trample our souls.

No wound heals by pretending it never happened. Infection sets in. Trauma gets buried having lasting negative consequences on the life of the victims and those in contact with them. Depression grows.

Rioters and police clash inside the Capital Building

The terrorism of January 6th, 2021 must be investigated. The years leading up to it, the actions during it, and the events after need to be thoroughly investigated. ALL the players involved must be brought to justice. And the most obvious inciters, especially DJT, need to be called to immediate accountability.

The less intelligent abusers will just continue to incite and be easily brought down.  The smarter ones will plead for the “unity” Biden called for, but they won’t change.

But they won’t repent … because they aren’t really sorry … they just want to get away with it.

We can’t let them.

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