This undated photo provided by Christopher David, shows Christopher David, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a Navy veteran. David was beaten Saturday, July 17, 2020, with a wooden baton and pepper-sprayed in the face by authorities during ongoing protests in Portland, Ore. (Christopher David via AP)

Writer’s Lounge – Navy Vet’s Hand Broken By Trump’s Camo Cosplay Thugs



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Navy Vet’s Hand Broken By Trump’s Camo Cosplay Thugs

Military Times is reporting that during the reign of brutal, unlawful and excessive force exercised by Federal agents in faux military gear, one of the victims of their rampage was a veteran of the U.S. armed forces, a Navy man.

That man is Christoper David, 53, who served in the Navy’s Civil Engineer Corps from 1988 to 1996, having attended the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, after high school, later serving with the Navy Seabees and continuing his career with the Navy as a commissioned officer and aeronautical engineer.

David was at the protest scene because he wished to ask the Federal agents how they rationalized their involvement in falsely detaining demonstrators and agreeing to violate their oaths of service in accepting and carrying out unlawful orders. 

I have to tell you – taking my journalist’s hat off for a moment here, watching the phone video cam footage shown in the tweet, I am more than slightly enraged. Just a hunch, but I suspect these thugs in riot gear wouldn’t fare so successfully with anyone they attacked in this fashion, without the apparel, the batons and the tear gas.


“I was enraged simply because I did not think they were taking their oath of office seriously or they were compromising their oath of office.  I knew I was never going to react. I was never going to fight back. I’m a little too old to be beaten by a bunch of young guys.”

Zane Sparling, reporter for the Portland Tribune, picks up the story from there:

He sat down on a park bench, before being pulled back from the flashpoint by a street medic, going by the name Tav, who treated David and ensured that he was taken by an ambulance to the hospital.

David says he has two fractures in his hand and, while it’s currently in a splint, he is expecting to need surgery later this week.

After a flurry of attention, David is hoping life will return to normal soon. While he never did speak with the camouflaged feds, he said he hopes they hear his message:

“That oath of office is essentially swearing loyalty to the Constitution of the United States, and what they’re doing is not constitutional anymore.”

It’s a hell of a shitty and cowardly way to treat any citizen and Trump played a role in the treasonous behavior by deploying these deplorables as proxies for his lack of personal manhood.  But to do this to a man that has earned the Navy Achievement Medal, Navy Unit Commendation, Meritorious Unit Commendation, National Defense Service Medal, Overseas Service Ribbon?

Pardon me, but this f-cking dumpster fire needs to be put out in a little over three months from now. If you haven’t ordered your mail in ballot for November, get your posterior in gear and do so. 

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And while we’re on this general subject, allow me to introduce you to Vote Vets:

logo of Vote Vets - political advocacy group for military veterans

From their website. continues to focus on matters including, but not limited to, foreign policy, energy security, veterans’ unemployment, and opening military service to life-long Americans born to undocumented immigrants, as well as continued investment in care for veterans. More often than not, Veterans have a stake in the top issues of the day, and is committed to getting their voices heard on these issues.  



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Because the following video requires little to no explanation, other than I just found it encouraging, fascinating and representative of a shift that is taking place somewhat under the radar, I decided to simply post it without comment.

OK, I have one comment. For all but the most zombied out Trump voters – Bonespurs has found a myriad of ways to alienate the sorts of people who decided (wrongly) to roll the dice on Agent Orange and now find bitter regret in having done so. 


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