overhead view of lockdown protesters on walkway in front of the Michigan State Capital

Writer’s Lounge – The Anti-COVID-19 Mitigation Protesters Begin To Hemorrhage


The Anti-COVID-19 Mitigation Protesters Begin To Hemorrhage


On April 29th we took a colonoscope level look at the dark money interests (Betsy DeVos, Charles Koch, et al) behind the so-called “anti-lockdown”protests, both in Michigan and in various other locales nationally – and one of the prominent common-denominators in those staged (astro-turfed) events, was the presence of a lot of gun obsessed homo erectus (generously speaking) of the male edition (generously speaking), openly carrying a variety of firearms of one or another semi-auto rifle classification.

The Dark Money And Extremists Behind National COVID-19 Anti-Government Protests

In one of the recent episodes of the same idiotic poop show, there arose a wrinkle that may or may not have been unexpected – a bit of dissent among the ranks, to say the least. What was it over? To open carry or to not open carry – that was the question, except, not exactly.

The less I set up these two videos, which Mikenzie Frost (WWMT – CBS 3 / Kalamazoo) posted on Twitter, the better, because it is something you have to go directly to and see for yourself,  in order to get a flavor for what is going on.

Essentially, the woman in the Turquoise windbreaker and the White cap, was understood by a group of protesters to mean that it was a bad idea to bring guns to the event.  That was how it was perceived. 

But as you go further, it appears that what she intended to put across was that there was opposition taking videos to repost in order to make the assembled group of (self identified) ‘Patriots’ look bad. What it really comes down to is that these people feel as though they are an oppressed minority of some sort and that the Governor has it in for them.

Imagine that, it’s now a thing for Whites to see themselves as an oppressed minority. Oh, never mind, that was what the 2016 Presidential election was about, wasn’t it?

Then you just have a free ranging discussion (tirade?) back and forth about who is and who isn’t a liberal or a traitor and the only thing that seems to unite them to any degree is that they see Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer as a bete noire (evil woman for those of you down there in Roberts County, Texas):


Once the Trumpublican / White Nationalist / Tea Party element comes so unhinged that they turn their angst and belligerence inward on their own community (which is already common among  White Nationalist factions), they will disintegrate and Trump’s base will experience some erosion.

There are already signs of the unified front fracturing and some of it is being driven by Trump. Trump is attacking Fox News, which has been his state dezinformatsia medium for nearly 5 years (even before taking office). These people are already confused as it is. He might be overplaying his hand. But we say that about so many things. 

It won’t mean they don’t still believe all the nonsense they believe, but just that there won’t be the Gorilla Glue bond between them. “We’ll see what happens.”

by Richard Cameron

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This is something that caught my attention.  We say this or that thing is a “new low” for Trump, but there are so many new lows that they seem to be flashing by like telephone polls when you are looking out the window at telephone poles when the car is barreling down the highway at 95 mph.



image of original promotional graphic for the Academy Award nominated 2016 film "Lion" starring Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman



Rated PG-13 for thematic material and some sensuality

Available on most streaming services

It’s a story that only a Hollywood producer could have dreamed up. A young boy, born into abject poverty, becomes hopelessly lost at the age of 5. After surviving a few months on the unforgiving streets of Calcutta, the boy is found and subsequently adopted by an Australian couple. Twenty years later, the boy now grown, reunites with his family in the village of his birth.

This is the true story of Saroo Brierley, as told in the Oscar-nominated 2016 film, “Lion.”

First described in the book, “A Long Way Home,” by both Brierley and Larry Buttrose, the film is broken up into the three distinct parts of Brierley’s incredible journey.

The first is his childhood in India, including his survival in Calcutta. Told through the eyes of 5 year-old Saroo (in a brilliant performance of newcomer Sunny Pawar), the audience is thrown full-force into the messy, amazing, and often dangerous world of 1980’s India.

Even here, the sharp contrast of the impoverished, yet loving world built by Saroo’s mother, Kamla, and brother, Guddu (Priyanka Bose and Abhishek Bharate respectively), and the harsh reality of underground Calcutta is stark.

The second part of the story is where Saroo is found by the authorities and placed in an orphanage. Despite the home’s sketchy reputation (at best), Saroo finds himself in the care of Mrs. Sood (Deepti Naval), who introduces him to his adoptive parents, John and Sue Brierley (David Wenham and Nicole Kidman).

Nominated for an Oscar for her role as Sue, Nicole Kidman delivers some of the best mother/son moments in the film. One occurs early on, just after Saroo arrives in Tasmania when all three of them are just getting to know each other.

Sue is bathing her new son when she opens up to him, “You’ve come a long way, haven’t you? Little one. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy. And one day, you’ll tell me all about it. You tell me everything. Who you are, everything. I’ll always listen. Always.”

These lines move the story into the third, and final part in the story is the journey of how the adult Saroo (Dev Patel, also nominated for an Oscar for his role in “Lion”) comes to realize that he was lost at an Indian-style banquet with school friends.  It’s here where Saroo’s adopted and childhood homes collide as he wrestles, not only with the realization of his condition, but a torn loyalty between his biological and adopted family.

Expressed strongest in his tense relationship with his adopted younger brother, Mantosh (Divian Ladwa), and girlfriend, Lucy (Rooney Mara), Saroo’s mental and physical deterioration during his two-year search, done largely on Google Earth in his living room, are heart wrenching to watch.

But it’s through this search that Saroo is able truly process the emotional impact the love lost when he became separated from his biological family, while also coming to accept that the love he now feels for John, Sue, and even Mantosh. That they are just as much part of his live, and love, as Kamla and Guddu. It’s this acceptance of reality of his loss, and the reconciliation of his tumbled emotions, that Saroo truly finds home.

A movie that generated a lot of buzz in 2016, but has since been dimmed by the conviction of Harvey Weinstein (one of the film’s executive producers), “Lion” is a film that is as brilliant as it is ambitious, and well worth a second, and third viewing.

by Tiffany Elliott


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