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Writer’s Lounge – Woman Is Unhinged By Retail Store Mask Mandate, “42” Movie


Woman Is Unhinged By Retail Store Mask Mandate



Genevieve Powers terrorizes Trader Joe’s


This is Exhibit A as to why we’re not going to have a “flattening of the curve” in the fight against COVID-19.

Trump has successfully recruited an army – a large army of people so spitefully ignorant that if it required active thinking to take a breath, in other words, if it were not an involuntary action, they would die off and we’d be able to proceed with Western Civilization.

It’s difficult to listen to this hysterical bitch, Genevieve Powers, and her whining voice, harangue employees and the manager of Trader Joe’s in Palos Verdes, California,  but I managed to get far enough to hear all of the stock Trumpublican “new Conservativism” phrases and her exposition of junk science and conspiracy theories. 

When I hear the sorts of things, dripping from such a person’s sewer pipe of a mouth, I immediately have to conclude that not only are they busy on social media, because she’s clearly militant, but that she’s spent a great deal of time soaking up the tin foil rubbish on Youtube.   

Youtube, for all of its attractive qualities, is the largest repository of junk science , quackery, fictitious narratives and pseudo experts in any field, you name it – and it is the number one destination for willfully misinformed people, such as Genevieve. It’s like the Amazon of dipshittery.  

Folks, who, out of concern and common sense and decency, wear masks in areas where, either they are asked to, or where CDC guidelines advise, are referred to by Powers as “Sheep” or “sheeple”.

Attempts to enforce rules on private property (that used to be a Constitutional precept, until it wasn’t) are described as “Gestaplling” (not a word, but one she has innovated, denominalized presumably on the fly – and which spellcheck hasn’t the beginning of a clue as to what it is supposed to be – its best guess, ‘Gestalting’?).

Here’s one nonsensical bit of jingo that immediately brands the person uttering it as a Trump wingnut, “We need to get our country back.” I could expound on the code that is embedded in that phrase, at length, but since we do shorter form essays here on Writer’s Lounge, I’ll put that back in the fridge.

As one commenter on Youtube observed, “She says that wearing masks at Trader Joe’s is a slippery slope to being on trains to Nazi concentration camps. This woman is an idiot. I love when she says “exasperating” the problem.”

Powers, with her Trump lid wearing male escort, announces to store employees, “You know what. I’m in a public space, I can record.”  Sorry, but no it isn’t and no, you can’t – not if the employees had been successful in interrupting the local constable’s extended donut break, because  a retail business is not a “public space”.

Technically, even the parking lot in front of the store is private property. She could have legally stood on the sidewalk where cars are driving into the parking lot and harangued everyone driving in, but that could be actionable if it constituted a public disturbance. 

The recording was illegal, in that once the store management asked her to stop and asked her to leave, she was trespassing

California Code, Penal Code – PEN § 602.1 Trespassing:

(a) Any person who intentionally interferes with any lawful business or occupation carried on by the owner or agent of a business establishment open to the public, by obstructing or intimidating those attempting to carry on business, or their customers, and who refuses to leave the premises of the business establishment after being requested to leave by the owner or the owner’s agent, or by a peace officer acting at the request of the owner or owner’s agent, is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for up to 90 days, or by a fine of up to four hundred dollars ($400), or by both that imprisonment and fine.

Powers rants about “masks are unhealthy” and that “she doesn’t want to breath her own CO2.”  How do you deal with someone this delusional? How do you break through the fog they surround themselves with? 

Graphic describing the Harpy of mythology - part winged creature, part nagging shrew and hag of a female.
Ant: NONE. Forms: Harpies. Example: As soon as the group of complaining old harpies sat down the waitress could tell they were the type to not leave a tip.

You certainly would get nowhere with this Harpy. She wouldn’t be interested in anything you could tell her about real physicians, physician’s assistants, hospital techs, nurses and orderlies, who wear them on a daily basis and were wearing them well before the virus outbreak. 

I have to wonder – and this is something I would like to confront her with, “would she start screaming like a banshee at the surgeon, who is performing heart surgery on her?”  

If you make it all the way to the end of her self indulgent disgraceful public display of idiocy – which, I will confess was the very test of the limits of my nerves – you also catch that she doesn’t do anything constructive in her life, doesn’t help anyone, but instead, she flits around to one disruptive Trump inspired, treasonous demonstration after another.

You should have seen my shocked face.  I enjoyed another Youtube comment, “Shes probably only tired of the stank breath she got from saying all this bulls–t.”

She claims she knows for certain she’s “healthy”. She has no way of knowing that. None. Furthermore, there are some of these morons that see themselves as the vanguard of the “herd immunity project”. She could very well be lying through her teeth.

Don’t let these sick clown gangsters get anywhere near you.

by Richard Cameron




movie poster of Jackie Robinson biopic, "42"

“42” – The Jackie Robinson Story


Rated PG-13 for thematic elements, including language

Available on Amazon Prime

Before saving the world as T’Challa/Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman struck a home run with his portrayal of baseball star and Civil Rights activist, Jackie Robinson, in the biopic, “42.”

Released in 2013, the film tells of the rise of Robinson, from his time in the Negro League to his first season with the Brooklyn Dodgers in the late 1940’s, all in the backdrop of the ugly reality racism in post-World War II America. It’s through Jackie’s eyes that we see the challenges, setbacks and, yes, triumphs of the pre-Civil Rights era.

Boseman balances the tough-as-nails, yet likable Robinson, at the dawn of his long career in professional baseball. He’s the type of guy you can root for right from the start, which is critical to the remainder of the plot. Robinson is young, hungry for success, and yet confronts a battlefield most of us can only imagine, utterly defenseless.

Admonished in the film, and in real life, Robinson had to have “the guts not to fight back” in the face of ugly and overt racism, both on and off the diamond.



Along with Boseman, the other underrated performance is Harrison Ford as Brooklyn Dodgers owner, Branch Rickey. Known best as the devil-may-care Han Solo of the “Star Wars” franchise, Ford strikes the perfect balance as the business-wise, devout Christian, and activist.

The film shows the Dodgers’ owner as a man concerned with both the business and sports success of his team, and one who is more than willing to challenge anyone on his choice to promote Robinson, and is unafraid, despite his age, to take on the racism of some of his closest associates in the baseball world.

When selecting Robinson, Rickey’s brand of off-color humor is on full display, “I’m a Methodist, he’s [Jackie’s] a Methodist, God’s a Methodist. We can’t go wrong.”

It’s a delicate balance that a lesser actor would never be able to pull off.

Ricky’s reason provides some of the most profound lines in the film, when he describes to Robinson an encounter with racism that all but destroyed a talented player four decades earlier, because of the color of his skin, “I told myself I did enough [for him], but I didn’t. There was something unfair at the heart of the game I loved, and I ignored it. But a time came when I could no longer do that.”

The film not only chronicles Robinson’s rise, but also the Dodgers evolution from outright hostility to Robinson to his full acceptance as a member of the team, and the Brooklyn Dodgers family. An acceptance aided unwittingly, both in the film and in real life, by the overt racism of Philadelphia Phillies manager, Ben Chapman, played by the multi-talented Alan Tudyk.

In a speech toned down for the film, the salad of racist, sexist, and crass language is leveled against Robinson as he is up to bat.  It’s after this that you see the only moment in which Robinson breaks down. But it’s also the moment you see the Brooklyn Dodgers truly become a team, as not only the other players, but the staff, and some of the press rally around Robinson, who refused to meet Chapman “on his own low ground.”

The backlash against Chapman’s actions was so strong, that he was fired from the Phillies, and all of baseball, at the conclusion of the season.

Another light of the film is the performance of Nicole Behaire, who plays Jackie’s long suffering, strong-willed wife, Rachel. Like Ford, she shines bright in every scene, providing just the right balance of feminine strength that Jackie so desperately needed.

If you looking for a great sports movie that will help you believe in heroes again, both on and off the field, give “42” a chance.

by Tiffany Elliott


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