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Getting Focused On Our True Fight for America – Who Controls The Courts


       by Jennifer Keller Puebla  

Justice peeking out from under her blindfold
This is a very different article than the one I began on Monday.

I was going to talk about the different Evangelical factions that are attempting, and in large and dangerous ways succeeding, in taking over our Government on both the National and State levels.

I planned to detail the goals of the Dominionists in their various forms. How they believe it is the church’s job to make America fit for Christ’s return. How they intend to pull one over on the Lord by creating a faux moral State based on fear of the law rather than a change of heart.

Not unlike saturating a frat house with Febreze rather than cleaning up after the party. Their goal is a legislated Theocracy

Then I was going to address the Fundamentalist/Prosperity In-It-For-The-Money crowd. They too want to change our laws in this country but for more personal and mercenary reasons. They want the laws to benefit them and to allow them to discriminate at will while putting as much money in their pockets as they possibly can.

They want zero accountability for what they do and want to be free to take advantage of whomever they please by claiming it’s all for the Lord. They claim their goal is not Theocracy and in fact use this line to justify kicking the marginalized to the curb and denying basic civil rights to those they disagree with.  No cake for you!

“These people (Washington Post authors and liberals) simply do not understand the US is not a theocracy. The US shouldn’t take in refugees or redistribute wealth on biblical grounds. Jesus taught personal charity” – Jerry Falwell Jr   

Neither of these groups are above lying, cheating, and stealing for power in opposition of true Christian values and they will tell you they aren’t interested in electing a “Pastor-In-Chief.” In fact, they will entreat their followers to literally ignore Christ when voting because the end justifies the means.

I planned on explaining how both groups have a habit of merging in and out of each other with a bizarre fluidity.

But instead of spending one more minute trying to understand an “enemy” we can never persuade nor even negotiate into a semblance of reason I believe it’s far more important to jump to the end.


That’s what all of this is about. Mind you, I do believe some of our public officials are being coerced into working with and supporting this administration, however most are simply willful members of the cult of Trump for the judges.

It’s in the courts that county clerks are forced to sign marriage certificates and bakers are told to serve the public. The courts are what protect equal rights whether they are based on race, religion/creed, gender, ethnicity or any other standard.

Courts decide which immigrants and refugees get to stay, decide even which get to come and which are banned based on their country of birth or their usefulness.

It was just this week that a court had to declare it illegal to discriminate against a person based on their hair style. Yes, there are a fairly large number of people who believe it is their right to do so. And they will if they can get away with it.

Should states ever pass bills such as the one in Texas recently, which failed, where a woman could be executed for having an abortion – the courts would be the ones making the final decision on sentencing.

Many states still use “sodomy laws” to discriminate and persecute the LGBTQ community. Imagine if the state officials who call for executing homosexuals ever managed to get their bills passed into law with the courts stacked in their favor. child's silhouette with words sych as "love me" "Care" "hold" all around it

The courts rule over who is fit to be adoptive or foster parents especially if they are receiving Federal funds for their agencies. Recently South Carolina found a loophole in an Obama era law that would disallow an agency to continue to receive Federal funding while discriminating.

Now programs there can still receive Federal funding while refusing, not just gay couples, but Jews if they refer unwelcome individuals and couples to other accepting agencies. 

There are several more similar cases and eventually this will no doubt face a higher court decision. Judges will decide who can be parents.

Shannon Hanson, contributor here at National Compass, wrote recently on the prospective rise of the Fourth Reich in America.  While he emphasizes the role control of the press played in Hitler’s regime and how it is playing out in Trump’s; controlling the judicial branch of the government was also a specific target of Hitler.

It is not coincidence that Trump kept Hitler’s speeches by his bedsideHe learned from them. One need only read quotes from those speeches and compare them to Mein Kampf to see striking similarities between the rise of the Third Reich and the Trump administration.

And it was the Christians of Hitler’s time that were just as willing to do whatever it took to achieve their pure high standards of society and to profit along the way.  Hanson writes:

“Like Hitler, Trump understands that authoritarianism sits well in the gut of right-wingers. Besides, straight white Christians who stayed within the clearly defined moral lanes did okay in the Third Reich. Plus, companies made huge profits supplying the materials to construct the gas chambers, the trucks and rail cars used to haul people to the death camps, and the Zyklon B used to gas them.”

The Courts

The press is important, but for the modern Evangelical Reichstag and their followers all their
hopes and sweaty sanctimonious dreams depend on the judges. Propaganda can only do so much.  Executive orders can only go so far and can be overturned by the next administration.
But judges, especially Federal judges, are for life.Gavel statue outside a court house

Pass a law – judge strikes it down
Appeal a ruling – judge strikes it down

Unless they get judges – the more pliable, inexperienced, and allied to their radical cause the better, they cannot establish the Puritanical Utopia they envision.

For the Dominionists the Rapture will never come and for the profiteers their wallets won’t be protected from national policies that would make America look like the Christian Nation they claim it is.

However, this plot didn’t begin with Trump. The “Moral Majority” was extremely adamant on legislating morality. They made no effort to hide the fact.  Their stated goal was to lobby and vote against the ERA, gay rights, civil rights, and more.

Later, in 2001, George Bush became the first President in 50 years to ban the American Bar Association from aiding in the early vetting process of nominated judges for Federal court positions. Too many were being found unfit.

But under Trump we have seen a record number of judges appointed to the District and Appeals courts as well as a record number of nominations, confirmed on party line votes. And of these a record number were deemed unqualified by the ABA.

In Nov 2017, the Trump administration, in agreement with the Republicans in Congress, re-instituted the Bush ban of the ABA which President Obama had overturned and once again their experience and ratings will have no official part in the vetting of appointees. 

Is it just too hard to find men and women who are educated, experienced, and unbiased?  Of course, it’s not.

“I mean, the easiest solve for this problem would be for President Trump and Mitch McConnell to stop nominating unqualified judges. I mean Christ, other Republican presidents managed to do it. It’s not hard to get a qualified rating from the freaking ABA.

The problem that the Trump administration keeps running into is that Republicans don’t want to promote judges — they want to promote partisan hacks who will use the courts to launder conservative ideology into the law.

While there are tons of Republicans judges, not all of them can be expected to reliably push the Republican agenda without question, and so Trump and McConnell sometimes go with people who can be trusted to do their bidding, even if they manifestly lack the training and temperament we normally expect from judges.” – Elie Mystal, Above The Law

We all know Brett Kavanaugh, his shady past, his convenient connections to Justice Kennedy, etc., but if you’d like to meet some of Trump’s other dubious appointees Jennifer Bendery at the Huffington Post made a partial list last September. Here is one example from the article.

“Judge Neomi Rao on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit –

Rao published a series of inflammatory articles on sexual assault, race and LGBTQ rights as a Yale University student. “A good way to avoid a potential date rape is to stay reasonably sober,” she wrote, adding that if a woman drinks to the point where she cannot choose if she wants to have sex, “getting to that point was part of her choice.” Rao also denounced “special treatment for minority students” and called the fight for LGBTQ rights a “trendy political movement.” Every Senate Republican voted to confirm her.”

man sinking in sand of discrimination and bigotry

As his administration becomes more and more bold in it’s trashing of the separation of church and state more judges are being appointed.

Both Attorney General Bill Barr and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo no longer make any secret of their putting their longings for a theocratic state in the spotlight.  Even using official web pages to proselytize from and to openly speak of a longing to discriminate in, their goal is to fight for “natural law” until the Rapture.

These men more than most, have a profound influence on our laws because of their manipulation of the President and visa versa. Laws that judges may very well uphold or cast down in favor of the one who put them on the bench, their greed, or their twisted idea of faith.  Perhaps all three.  Anyone speaking against their actions are accused of Christian persecution.

“Secretary Pompeo’s speech was pure proselytization,” said Sarah Levin, director of governmental affairs at the Secular Coalition for America.”

“To be clear, we don’t judge Secretary Pompeo for being a Christian or for connecting what he’s achieved to his faith, but it’s unacceptable and a violation of separation of church and state for him to take those beliefs and apply them to policy that affects the American public,” Levin said, “and it’s just as wrong from him to elevation Christianity above other faiths as it is to elevate Christianity above non-faiths.” -Kelly Weill,  The Daily Beast

Trump has, so far appointed over 180 Federal judges, fit or unfit, for life, including two Supreme Court Justices.
If he wins in 2020, there will undoubtedly be a third. We will never convince a zealot to turn from his “faith.” We certainly will never convince millions.

It’s time to stop asking, “How can they call themselves Christian?” Most of them aren’t by the very nature of their complete misunderstanding of what that means –  which they demonstrate daily.

It’s time to concentrate on what they are concentrating on – the goal behind the curtain. Our Nation’s backbone – our courts. We must vote in November as if our nation, our society, depends on it. It does.

“While making his decision the judge is to proceed less from the law than from the basic idea that the offender is to be eliminated from the community. During a war it is not so much a matter of whether a judgment is just or unjust, but only the decision is expedient. The State must protect itself in the most efficient way and wipe them out entirely…One must not proceed from the law, but from the resolution that the man must be wiped out”  – Joseph Goebbels

“A decision by the Fuhrer in the express form of a law or a decree may not be scrutinized by a judge. In addition, the judge is bound by any other decision of the Fuhrer.” ~ Adolf Hitler

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