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Writer’s Lounge 10-25-19 Tobin’s “Foxocracy”, Jennifer Puebla On Courage


Well, time for a Friday Writer’s Lounge.  Hope you will say TGIWL (Thank God it’s Writer’s Lounge). And then again, on second thought, maybe we shouldn’t blame Him for this. Thank Goodness for Writer’s Lounge? We could go for that.

First up, we have news about a new partnership we’re excited about.

the book jacket art for Tobin Smith's new book about Fox News, "Foxocracy"
Tobin Smith spent 14 years working with Fox News as financial and market analyst. He is the founder and CEO of equities research and macroeconomic forecasting consultancy firm Transformity Research.

National Compass is joining forces with Tobin Smith, to bring you the opportunity to get yourself a free e-copy of his incredible new book, “Foxocracy”.

Why are we making this offer? For our part, National Compass has identified Fox News as the key source of false narratives, clever repackaging of conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact, virtual non-stop puffery of Donald Trump and disingenuous defenses of his corruption and misconduct in office.

As such, people who frequent that poisoned watering hole, need to be made aware of what is behind the agenda and how they are being manipulated.

We know that most all of you are up to speed with what Fox News is about, but what this book details is the insidious methods and strategies employed by them to advance essentially non-stop propaganda.

Here’s how the author himself, outlines the role this book plays in pushing back against the subversion of Fox News, going into the 2020 election:

Are you estranged from a parent, close family member or long term friend over their Fox News/Trump TV addiction? Or are you a Foxhole who has become estranged from your non-Fox News kids or family member?
When you finish Foxocracy, you will know how to repair important relationships poisoned by Fox News with enough insight into how and why Fox News’ white tribal identity propaganda is so emotionally powerful and addictive–especially to 55+ aged Red State Americans.
Do you have a parent, close family member or long term friend who has become a Fox News/Trumphole TV addict?
When you finish Foxocracy, you will know why and how to approach your Fox News addict loved one with a simple basic warning about the multiple serious physical and mental health reasons they need to take their unhealthy 3+ hour a day Fox News addiction down to a healthy level.
If you know people who are the all-important Independent/Right-leaning Dems, after reading Foxocracy you will be able to warn and help protect them from falling into the Fox News emotional manipulation digital feedback loop and keep them from falling for


So – here’s how you take advantage of our offer and it is amazingly easy. Email me at:

Please put “Tobin Smith Free e-Book” in the subject box.  I’ll see to it that you receive your free e-copy of Tobin’s book.


Our writer Jennifer Keller-Puebla shares some thoughts on the value and importance of being a straight shooter, discerning fact from fiction and stepping out of one’s partisan comfort zone to respond to a national political crisis such as the one we’re now experiencing.


graphic illustration of highway with sign by roadside announcing "Authenti City"


“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters”

― Albert Einstein


As we go forward into election season it is even more important than in “normal” times to stick to the facts. To be honest with each other, including the opposition, and to be humble enough to accept when we are mistaken or misled.

Organizations and foreign governments will be shoving half truths and flat out lies down our social media throats. Fake accounts on Twitter and Facebook as well as other platforms will be trying to trick us and sowing discord to prevent us from engaging in reasonable and honest dialogues. All this on top of the usual campaign ads. 

Fact check everything! Even if it’s being shared by a friend or source you’d normally trust.

Resist the urge to jump on the band wagon of ridicule at least until you know what is being scorned or laughed at is true, or false as the case may be.

Point of example:        

Trump recently gave a speech, no doubt written by another, in which he said, “The United States and Italy are bound together by a shared cultural and political heritage dating back thousands of years to Ancient Rome.”

Nearly a week later and people are still sharing this to laugh at it or calling anyone who corrects them a “trumper” and worse. And it’s from both sides of the aisle. Liberals and Conservatives alike are attacking Trump and anyone honest enough to defend the statement.

But his statement is 100% true. There is ample evidence of our Founders drawing from Ancient Rome in the design of our Republic. Just the fact that we are a Republic for starters. This is elementary level civics.

And while most people do back off when this is explained, for others there is no valid source unworthy to be called “revisionist history” and it seems they would fight to the death rather than admit what he read was true or that they were mistaken in believing it was untrue.

And this is just one example because these conflicts happen frequently across the political spectrum.

Some reasons that an issue like this arises include that a person just misread a statement, that a statement was cleverly edited to give a false impression,  or they are assuming the speaker’s motive and therefore twist what was actually said into what they believe someone was thinking at the time they said it.

  • Read twice
  • Look for an original source for quotes
  • Don’t assume
  • If you seriously doubt their motive, and have valid reason to do so, then first admit the statement, on the surface, is true and then add your “however.”

I think everyone wishes to be taken seriously. I know people who claim a Christian foundation should be prioritizing truth above partisanship. If you want “the other side” to listen to you – to believe you, then you must be willing to give credit where due regardless of who and to hold your own side’s feet to the fire. Credibility is foremost. 

Please make a pledge to practice deep rock-solid integrity during this season. If they, whoever they might be to you, see dishonesty and lack of character in one instance then why should they bother to hear what you have to say in another?

Would you listen to a liar? Would you trust one?  Then don’t be one.

Maya Angelou said, “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”

Let’s have the courage to put Principle over Party and truth above all.


Here’s part two of Tom Tomorrow’s comic strip, “This Modern World”, in which he illustrates the GOP’s signature counter intelligence strategies against impeachment of Donald Trump. And they really are counter intelligence, very counter:


Tom Tomorrow's comic strip, "This Modern World" illustrating GOP anti-impeachment strategies


photo of Grant Memorial Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.

If you haven’t seen one of the biggest pieces of news having to do with the ramp up in Congress toward impeachment of Donald Trump – and there has been a lot of it this week – here, from the New York Times, is a report dealing with a pivotal ruling from a federal judge, validating the authority of Congress to conduct an impeachment inquiry and requiring the Trump administration to comply with document requests for Grand Jury evidence that was presented during the Mueller Investigation. 

We will be covering this and related aspects of this development as they proceed. Stay tuned:


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