Paying For A Brick In The Wall

By Janice Barlow

A FEW DAYS AGO, several people came up with an emotion driven idea that, since there would be no wall built by our tax dollars, why not create an account to contribute more money to, in order to fund President Trump‘s border wall between the United States and Mexico?

Thus, a gofundme account was born. It was started by Veteran Brian Kolfage, an amputee and Purple Heart recipient.

And in the first three days, over a million dollars was donated by close to 50,000 people to this cause. The goal was set at $1 billion. This sounds so altruistic until it is broken down with logic, removing all emotion and gullibility.

First of all, at the rate of $1 million every three days, it would take over nine years to reach a billion dollar goal.

That takes into account several assumptions:

  • That the exuberance of the first few days continues for nine years
  • That inflation remains stable
  • Fees and expenses (gofundme takes 2.9 percent of every contribution in fees, and there would need to be a Trust account set up by a legal office to hold the funds, since they cannot remain in the gofundme account).

There are other mitigating circumstances involved in such a venture:

  • Congress has not approved a border wall or the funding of such.
  • Much of the land where a wall would need to go is private, so eminent domain lawsuits will likely ensue.
  • The Rio Grande is in the way over part of the border
  • Much of El Paso involves free flowing migration for day workers who would be cut off with a wall.
  • The logistics of using these funds has not been mapped out.
  • In the event of failure, the humongous endeavor of refunding (if it actually happens) all the donors (less fees and expenses) could take years.

In reality, it would take almost 50 years to raise five billion dollars with the same excitement it took to raise this first million.

Reflecting upon this distraction, (somewhat like a “bitcoin fury”), notice a few things:

  • People aren’t thinking logically, but as donors, are just acting with their feelings, not their minds. (The logic escapes me).
  • People already are paying a lot in taxes. Why would they subsidize the government with more money when it is such a wasteful entity as it is? The government blows through a million dollars every 5.6 seconds.
  • There really is no tax deduction, in spite of this organization registering as a 501c3, because only those couples who are over the $24,000 standardized deduction threshold would benefit from any write off.
  • The State Department just pledged $10 billion to Mexico and other Central American countries. So what are the donors doing? Just paying the government back for that?

I have a solution to the illegal immigration problem. It’s been my solution for a long time. No one pays attention to us, the taxpayers, even when we make too much sense and could save the government a lot of money as well as prevent drugs and crime from flowing into our country.

And here is my alternative to throwing money at Washington:

  • Heavily fine all corporations who hire illegals, up to $10,000 per head per month.
  • Stop funding all sanctuary cities immediately.
  • Stop educating illegals at all grade levels through college in our school systems. They pay no taxes into that.
  • Stop giving illegals any benefits at all, such as food stamps, driver’s licenses, any rights to vote (proof of identification and citizenship must be given in order to get a voter ID which must be presented to vote or be put on the back of the driver’s license).
  • Give no medical treatment except for emergencies.
  • Incarcerate all drug kingpins who enter this country and never let them return. Do not give any right to communicate by phone, email, conjugal visits, in person visits with anyone else, Internet, or any TV except Hallmark movies, and keep them locked in maximum security federal prisons for life. This stops the drug flow from that chain and saves money from continually recapturing them if they are deported.
  • Stop chain migration for DACA recipients by limiting it to only immediate family. No cousins, grandparents, etc. Only intact families who have a place to live and do not need welfare dollars, because none should be provided.
  • Mandatory English for all DACA recipients who must pass a test within three years in order to become permanent residents (NOT CITIZENS) or they must return home. This should be a BIG incentive to take free English classes.
  • A choice for captured illegals under the age of 35 who have been in the country more than five years to either enlist in one of the military branches and serve for four years or be deported. (This service for elderly or disabled can be desk jobs or US based laundry or cooking, etc) on a base with their family on the base so no excuses can be made.
  • All immigrants staying must be vaccinated with MMR, chicken pox, TB, Hepatitis, and other deadly diseases or they can’t stay. This includes legal immigrants.

Then, the money captured from the El Chapo indictment, as Senator Ted Cruz had suggested to be used for a border wall, could be used to place impenetrable structures in key areas along the border where frequent illegal crossings occur. The rest of the funds could be used to hire a stronger and more freely capable border patrol that doesn’t have its hands tied by the US.

Asylum seekers would need to go in groups to GITMO to be processed and only upon passing would they be allowed in the US. With an agreement with Mexico, most would be sent there instead, since most of the time, there is no language barrier. We would offer no housing nor jobs for asylum seekers. They would need to seek a sponsor. Hopefully, all the generous folks who demand that these people should all get come here will open their doors to their guest bedrooms and bathrooms and allow them to move in.

Think of the money that would be saved instead of what we are spending now and would spend on a full border wall!

At any rate, a gofundme account is just something that pulls on the bleeding heartstrings of gullible Americans the same way that it does when liberals post a poor puppy who needs a surgery and please! please! give! No one thinks it through. They just want to be part of the action. Maybe they want a brick in the wall with their name on it, showing how they were part and parcel with keeping people out and shutting us in.

Golden Response: Why doesn’t the government issue “WALL BONDS” at 3% interest?  Does it know something that we don’t? As in…it won’t work??

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  1. Janice, This is a perfect analysis of what is wrong with our immigration system and how to fix it. I agree with every word of it. I wish you were in DC rather than the idiot who lives in the White House and the other idiots who serve in Congress. What you suggest is common sense. Apparently no one in DC has common sense.

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