Conspiracies Arising – And QAnon Heads The List Of Wackos

By Janice Barlow

WE HAVE ALL SCRATCHED OUR HEADS at various conspiracy theories. Some of us may have thought that there was merit to some of these telephone-tag notions, causing them to go viral as we jumped on a bandwagon that usually quickly dissipated and disappeared.

Most of the believers in these crazy theories then tucked tail and pretended like they never really latched onto these alternative “facts” after they were proven false. But some die-hards stayed on board, still believing for instance, that school shootings are government-staged events created to invoke hard line gun control legislation. Or even worse, that man never actually set foot on the moon, and that it was all a set-up to keep NASA funded.

Perhaps there was more than one shooter on the grassy knoll. But probably not. And it is not likely that the government is trying to poison us with vaccines and other drugs. After all, that would have been uncovered by now with actual facts – unless people truly believe that the entire media is either very stupid, or that it is in cahoots with the government. Unfortunately, too many people are the unsuspecting fish who trust media that is known to present false data (example: Natural News).

But this piece isn’t really about all those known conspiracies and organizations that pull people into their webs to indoctrinate them into a world of untruths and scams (example: Scientology). No, this is about a group that has been around a relatively short period of time, and seems to suck in a certain type of person: A person who is gullible, who wants badly for something nefarious and secret to be real, who has a stronger than natural pull to a political persuasion or personality, and who will not be dissuaded by TRUTH.

This is the type of person who would fall for the conspiracies promulgated by QAnon (also known as Qanon, or simply, “Q“). It doesn’t take much digging to uncover social media sites and blogs about Q. Q is a “person” deeply ensconced in the Trump administration. “His” followers use code words like “the white rabbit” and “the storm“, and they believe that there is a secret code embedded in Trump’s tweets. (I wonder if POTUS is aware of this code himself?).

It all began innocuously on a website called /pol/ which stood for “politically incorrect“. They certainly lived up to their name (and apparently continue to do so, but secretly).

It’s the sort of place where neo-Nazis and people who believe women shouldn’t have basic human rights used to meet before we started verifying them on Twitter and electing them to public office.

Yes. Those people. And now, possibly, your friends on Facebook who are members of those Tea Party groups that may have posts which allude to alt-right positions, Neo-Nazism, and other white nationalist positions. Some of them may even lurk in your friend directory. Who knows? But many are proud of their Q affiliation and often throw out “QAnon” catch phrases or quotes from the Facebook blog.

Maybe more familiar is the mascot, the ugly Pepe the Frog that is now supposed to represent the alt-right faction of the Republican Party. You know, the part that no one wants to own up being a member of, but yet Pepe shows himself often in connection with Q followers. I don’t believe in coincidences myself.

In addition with the Pepe connection, is the Anonymous connection (hence the “Anon” in QAnon). By grasping onto the masked man, it helps expand the alt-right base in the Trump age. The followers, a group of minnow-bait takers, are more than happy to grab the hook.

Many of the posts are somewhat blurred (like the one below) on the Q sites so that they cannot be copied and pasted into articles like this one. But the image came from this link, where there are many others like it.



“Q” also makes predictions about Trump and the direction of the administration. Most recently predicted is a Nobel Peace Prize in the president’s future. People are awestruck because sometimes, these predictions actually come true! (A broken clock is right twice a day).

Most of the time, a bunch of gibberish is fed into Twitter or Facebook and posted into the Q blogs for the mindless consumption of the collective gullibles.

The key to Q’s “insider information” about the conspiracy running amok in the Trump administration were the words, “The calm before The Storm” spoken by the president himself when he posed with some military officials last October. According to The Daily Dot

The Storm is a Conspiracy Theory of Everything. It encompasses whatever believers want it to be about. Misplaced walking boots hiding ankle bracelets, train crashes,Big Pharma, the FBI text message controversy. It’s all connected.  

A common thread in the Q conspiracy is that all the evil Democrats are very soon going to prison for all their crimes and misdemeanors, especially Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and that World Peace will descend, as a result of the powers of Donald Trump, the likes of which have never before been seen on earth.

The Deep State is real (and so deep)! The Obama wiretapping of Trump is real! There was never a Mueller investigation of Trump! It was always about Hillary! And Hillary runs a sex trafficking ring! Muslims are meeting daily in every neighborhood, plotting to kill everyone, and Donald Trump is going to stop it all!

Take a hard look at this conspiracy, and who among your online acquaintances might be affiliated. It makes the Alex Jones followers look like lightweights. It makes them look like they have a modicum of intelligence too, because QAnon followers don’t have minds of their own. They believe every message dispersed by the letter that isn’t followed by “U”. Don’t let it be.

Don’t be blinded. Don’t be an alt-right lemming. And don’t hang out with them, because they want to convert you to their island of stupidity.



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  1. Our movement is not Left.. or Right… This is literally the fight for earth between good and evil… The truth is coming… buckle up!

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