It’s Not Trump, But It’s Some Who Will Defend Anything To Stay Orange

By Janice Barlow



ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a television show. It was a show about a dysfunctional family. The mother figure was crass and vulgar, and supposedly represented much of Blue Collar America with her behavior. The father figure was more stable, but he enabled his wife because he loved her. The kids were always in some kind of mess. There were fights and laughs and “I can’t believe that!” moments; a typical comedy for the time period.

Decades went by, and as in the way of all such shows, it got canceled to make way for new and exciting fake shows, called, “reality TV shows” where people watching thought they were viewing actual real life situations, not realizing that the actors were well aware that they were on camera and had rehearsed before filming. But I digress.

Because people wax nostalgic, the old dysfunctional family show made a reappearance. It was met with a huge audience and people from all ends of the political spectrum seemed excited to watch it, (this writer excluded). The couple of episodes which made it on the air included topics ranging from illegal immigrants robbing jobs from Americans (controversial political hot topic), to transgenderism and homosexual lifestyles (moral hot topics).

The mother figure, much older now, and looking more haggard under layers of caked-on stage makeup, which she declined to wear in the original series, loved the President. This was an important aspect of the show. No one actually knew however, if this was an act, or if she really did adore the unusual man in the White House who seemed to be part of no political party known to man. She may have supported Trump simply to get the extremely high ratings the show raked in, or she may really like the guy. It’s a mystery.

However, in an early chapter of our story, the president told our haggard housewife how pleased he was with the first episode:

“Over 18 million people! And it was about us! They haven’t figured it out! The fake news hasn’t quite figured it out yet! They have not figured it out! So that was great. And they haven’t figured it out. But they will. And when they do, they’ll become much less fake.”

Because all fairy tales have some drama, one day, supposedly while under the influence of a widely used sleep prescription medication called Ambien, the mother figure posted on Twitter, a tweet aimed to smear Valerie Jarrett, who was Barack Obama‘s senior advisor while he was in office. It seemed to come out of nowhere. If the tweet existed, it would look like this:

However, it seems that the dysfunctional housewife in our story has a history of offensive behavior, including another racial slur, again directed at an Obama White House employee who also happens to be African American, Susan Rice, National Security Advisor at the time.

(As a disclaimer here, I do want to mention that in our fairy tale, Valerie Jarrett is truly of African American heritage. Just because she has light skin, as many black people do, it does not mean that she is a white person in entirety as many will claim upon reading this story. In fact, her father, James E. Bowman, held the esteemed position of the University of Chicago‘s first tenured African-American Biology professor.)   Barack Obama himself was the son of a white mother and a black father. No one called him a white man, to my knowledge.

A young Valerie Jarrett, whose father is African American

The Susan Rice slam would look like this in real life, were it true:

Now, some have strictly excused these tweets as Ambien-induced erratic behavior. Many have even went as far as to say that these are not racial slurs directed at black people.

But, to quote one of my now deceased timeless heroes of media, Paul Harvey:

And now for the REST of the story:

First, this is not a fairy tale. There is no “once upon a time“, nor is there a happy ending. And the Tweets are true and real.

What we have is another situation in an endless que of situations where people justify sin based on situational ethics. To bring those up to speed, I wrote an article last October on Situational Ethics that still applies today, that I encourage you to read after this one. Simply put, situational ethics is shifting one’s beliefs and principles, integrity and values based on the situation, instead of staying solidly grounded in them no matter what the circumstances. It’s a dangerous game because it not only puts people out in a field with no solid footing, but it justifies the sins of others.

Roseanne Barr is the dysfunctional woman who tweeted the above tweets among many others, including calling “Chick fil’ A” – “Sh*t fil’ A“, and slamming Christians since it’s a Christian organization. Here is a partial summary of her aberrant (or should I say, abhorrent) behaviors, highlighted in blue.

But perhaps the most offensive of all was the trashing of the National Anthem in 1990, complete with nails-on-chalkboard forced screeching and a crotch grab finale:



Recently, President Trump praised the NFL for placing a rule in force requiring players to stand during the National Anthem. Trump not only wants them to stand, but he wants them to stand and respect the flag, which is in direct conflict with Barr’s intentionally botched performance in the past.

Of course, being the Uber-extremist that he is, Trump’s comment actually went further:

President Donald Trump praised NFL team owners for doing the “right thing” in requiring NFL players to stand during the National Anthem this season, and suggested those who don’t stand maybe “shouldn’t be in the country.”

So for several days now, people-pretzels have been defending Roseanne Barr’s behavior and are angered at her show being booted from ABC. Meanwhile, the sour-doughs whine that “The View” is still on the air. It reminds me of a meme that my friend, mentor, and Editor and Chief, Richard Cameron created: 

Newsflash: Since when can conservatives tell the liberal media which shows to cancel based on what behavior is demonstrated? The liberals pretty much own the television networks. Even Fox has become more liberal since the departure and death of Roger Ailes.

The government itself cannot even keep the liberal side from getting whatever it wants done, so why should the people expect anything different from the crony capitalist side that lobbies the government daily?

Here’s a thought.

People don’t like shows like “The View“? Why in the world are they watching them? Why would a so-called conservative watch Roseanne Barr, which promotes transgenderism, pro-gay lifestyle, and when the real character is pro-choice? Why would people not boycott these shows instead by not watching them, not buying from their advertisers, and slamming them on social media all the time? That’s at least being honest.

But no. They secretly turn on their big screens and scream at “The View“, or actually laugh at Roseanne’s trashy humor. Do they identify with that or do they like to make fun along with her of what she deems to be a trash lifestyle? I’m clueless as to why anyone would waste their time…

Wait. Maybe not. Maybe the key is Donald Trump.

Here’s the bottom line:

IF Roseanne Barr did not seemingly support Trump; if, let’s say, she was a Bernie Sanders supporter (she did run for the Green Party not that long ago, herself), would all this hoopla matter? She could have done all the exact same smears and slams, and the Trump followers would have said, “Hahaha! A liberal trashing a liberal. So funny!” Well, it’s still true, but apparently it’s now a double standard, because “The View” is still on the air.

We ponder, which show is the lesser of two evils? (I jest).

Maybe the time has come to stop sticking like glue to Donald Trump and see the media for what it is. Roseanne Barr is a crass, unstable, and trashy comedian who has always been loved by the left. She tried to create a new Trumpian image. It failed. She can’t do it, unless Trump supporters want to credit her kind of tweets with how Trump tweets, and I don’t recommend that association at all. So let it go, let it go, let it go….

Because, on the horizon, you now have to deal with Samantha Bee calling Ivanka Trump the worst word ever. She is already losing her sponsors and will likely lose her job. What difference does it make? Comedian chickens coming home to roost. You can’t excuse one and hate the other just because one trashed a liberal and the other trashed…a Democrat daughter of the President.

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