How Functioning Conservatism Can Point The Way To Needed Reform

By Janice Barlow

What is Functioning Conservatism?

ACCORDING TO PHIL WILLIAMS, man of many hats who coined the term, Functioning Conservatism is:

“Doing conservative things instead of just sounding conservative. It is actually producing an outcome instead of just stating that one holds to conservative values.”

Functioning conservatism shows how the Constitution protects We the People and gives us religious liberty, instead of being problematic. It illustrates how the Bill of Rights creates equality for everyone instead of being unfair and racist. And it proves that the Rule of Law is there as a strict guideline for justice, instead of an excuse to be broken.

Functioning conservatism protects the true essence of America. It exposes all the past, current, and potential future damages of government dominance.

How do we function as conservatives? Most politicians simply prefer to give us lip service on what they hope to accomplish. They show us images of kissing babies, visiting nursing homes, helping impoverished people fill out job applications. But if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth ten thousand pictures.

Phil Williams recently addressed a group of Democrats at a United Way event. How many conservatives have done this? How many have crossed party lines to speak to those who are clearly set to vote for the Democrats, the pro-abortion candidates, the entitlement supporters? It’s really difficult to think of many. But it’s Phil’s bailiwick. He’s right at home addressing those who don’t realize that they really aren’t that left-wing at all.

They just need to be educated on the truth – that the Democratic Party needs them to remain dependent upon it, and they are enslaved to the government. As soon as they are aware of what’s going on, they will leave it in droves and go Republican, where they can be free to reach their full potential and not be stifled. Someone needs to tell them that the Democrats have trapped them in their current circumstances, and that’s what Phil Williams is doing.

Phil Williams speaking at a United Way event last month – watch how the people respond!

Democrats have owned functionality in the community. But they’ve done it in a way that benefits them and not the individuals. They lured in the unsuspecting voters with freebies like food stamps, school lunch programs, and other entitlements. The politicians go into the communities and get people to vote for them in exchange for these handouts.

People who want government dependency need to reprogram their thinking.

People need to start taking pride in their own abilities instead of depending on the government to do things for them and provide things to them. Government dependence is not conservative. It should never be part of the Republican platform – not even in the framework of health care.

We the People must elect those who prove by their actions that they are functioning in a way that doesn’t violate anyone else’s rights. And that they promote this framework as well. No longer should we be looking to anyone with a motive to tear down the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the Rule of Law, or any parts thereof. What we need is someone like Phil Williams, who walks his talk.

November’s 2018 elections aren’t going to cut it without candidates who only try and talk their way out of the mess. They need to roll up their sleeves and show how they are making a difference; working their way out of it. With very minimal support, Phil Williams has created his own ideas, and for the past three years has promoted them and gained ground.

How has Phil Williams walked his talk?

Phil has helped children with learning disabilities or illnesses which prevent them from attending school to have access to lessons with Lil’ Jimmy Tablets & Teddy Bears. He has published his first in a series of Lil’ Jimmy books for children called, “I Was Being Told, But Nothing About My Dreams (available on Amazon).

Phil has introduced a hip hop CD called, “Jacob’s Ladder” to help young people stay away or get off of opioids and other street drugs. He wrote and performs all the songs himself. He has traveled to numerous states and has given talks and concerts to encourage people to become better stewards and citizens, taking pride in the talents they have, instead of depending on the government to keep them trapped in a life of dependency. Phil is putting meat on what are usually conservative talking points, and he’s doing it without any help from the government.

Another important program is Lil’ Jimmy’s Get Fit Childhood Obesity Program that Phil started with his business partner, retired MSG Patricia Baisden. It addresses obesity and bullying for children and teens. He has taken this into several neighborhoods with great success.

What God can do is limitless if people are willing to put their ideas in action and not just on paper. Can you imagine if every politician tried functional conservatism with at least one project instead of a few photo ops?

I said all that to say this: 

No matter who decides to run against Donald Trump in the primaries in 2020, Phil Williams is a viable Vice Presidential choice. A vice president is selected, not elected. He is chosen based on the need of the head of the ticket in order to reach that segment of the population that is often ignored.

Right now, 65 percent of the nation is being ignored, because Trump only markets to his voting base, a large part of whom are the Democrats who voted for him, and who like his left-leaning ideology. Some though, are conservatives, and those people should be given the option in a primary of someone else who is also one – someone who sees the needs on the other side of the aisle, and can appeal to the moderates and liberals, but not by buying their votes with promises of bigger government, freebies and lies.

Phil Williams is for all of America.

If Trump focuses only on his voting base, (remember, he told Ted Cruz he didn’t need his supporters), then if 15 percent of the Republicans stay home, the Democrats could win. Here I’m not even talking about 2020. I’m talking about the midterms this November, because there are actually people out there saying they won’t vote for conservatives who “support” Trump. This isn’t about the presidency in 2018. Trump is not a rock in DC. He will be gone one day, maybe sooner than later. We need to be responsible voters and remove the obstacles to conservatism, not clear the way for more big government and more freebies; continuing the endless circle of dependency.

The media is saying that the “Blue Wave” won’t be as big now. All that does is encourage Donald Trump to continue to say and do inane things. This month his hijack of the “Velcro R” has caused mega church preacher, Robert Jeffress, to go to the Mideast to deliver a speech. Jeffress has already incited anger among the Muslims and Jews by hurling insults at them. Syria and Iran are dangerously close to conflict. So,there is now more heated division and fear of another outbreak (code word for war) in the Mideast. This is not what we want, is it?

The nation cannot talk its way out of this. Republicans need to come around to functioning conservatism and get our country back. Right now we are keeping our country marginalized (not “great”, as Trump supporters will claim).

Phil Williams will continue to fight, regardless of what happens in November. He walks his talk, no matter who hates him. He has the bullet wounds to show it.

Phil Williams is the face of functional conservatism. Promote him if you can. But at least keep your eyes on him. He’s not going away.

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One thought on “How Functioning Conservatism Can Point The Way To Needed Reform

  1. I love Phil Williams and what he is doing. I would support any ticket that he is on in 2020 and beyond. Thank you for sharing this with us Janice.
    I will also support any conservative Republican candidate that runs against Trump in 2020. Although I have been a Republican all of my life, I left the party the day Trump became the presidential nominee. Trump has destroyed the former conservative Republican party and turned it into the Trumpublican party. I want no part of this party.

  2. This struck me as an evangelistic style presentation for an interpretation of conservatism. The “once they see the light, they’ll join the Republican party” moments are not well supported by solid arguments.

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