Sin Justification In The Age Of Trump

By Janice Barlow

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.

Psalm 37:23

IT IS NO SECRET that many people who claim to uphold Christian values have twisted themselves into all sorts of pretzels as more and more immoral escapades surface in the nefarious life of Donald J. Trump, POTUS. Every time he accomplishes what is termed a “good thing”; (a matter we are supposed to laud him for, pat him on the back for, nod and credit him for, and praise him for showing amazingly shrewd acumen in accomplishing mundane presidential things), something beyond the pale also pops up.

These other newsworthy items are what the most die-hard Trump supporters don’t want to talk about. They don’t want to discuss that Trump’s attorney took cash from a firm that had connections to a Russian oligarch. “Fake News!”, they cry.

They close their ears to the latest connection – a black ops covert connection between Trump and, of all people, Harvey Weinstein, because it’s too complicated for them to fathom, and too impossibly fantastical for them to believe. But the facts are all there, if they’d only do their research.

Instead, they focus on those “good things”.

These are things that are not yet cut in stone, that often have a way of coming back to bite us, such as ending the Iranian Deal (instead of just doubling down on U.S. inspections of the operations there). And the “peace” between North and South Korea that they first, assume is the real deal, even though dozens of times in the past, an ostensibly peaceful accord was underway that never materialized, and second, they fully credit Trump for.

America has forgotten that it is only third in hierarchy. God is the pre-eminent factor, or He should be, for all who choose Him. Next is our families, and last is our country. Those who have put their full faith and trust in the POTUS are instead justifying his behavior by saying the following, and assuming by proxy, that God agrees:

Trump did not have sexcapades while in the White House (as far as they know) so it doesn’t count.

Answer: It does count, because God doesn’t put a time limit on sin.

It was ten years ago, so why does it matter now?

Answer: Because God doesn’t put a time limit on sin.

What Trump did back then was his private business and as long as he’s doing a good job as president, we shouldn’t care.

Answer: What? So we should care if he’s not doing a good job then? Doesn’t character matter? Integrity is what we do when no one else is looking.

“He who is without sin should cast the first stone”

Answer:  This is one of the most twisted justifications of sin I’ve ever run across. Wisely, Jesus said that the first one, a sinless one, needed to cast the first stone, then the others could. He knew this was not possible, so they dropped their stones and walked away. But more importantly, and what everyone misses who throws out this judgment verse, is that Jesus told this adulteress to “go and sin no more“. That meant she could not go back to the house where she lived with the man who was not her husband. That is the moral of the parable. Jesus was able to turn an adulteress away from her sin. Sin keepers cannot be Christ followers.

Jesus dwelt among, (hung around with) prostitutes and drunks.

Answer: No, actually He didn’t hang out with them. He witnessed to them. He didn’t go into brothels and bars. He spoke with them outside. And don’t forget, He was able to avoid all temptation to stoop to their sins because He was sinless. We are not to go into bars and brothels to witness as that is not a way to be a Christian witness. We open ourselves up to temptation.

Trump is a Christian now. (Variations: Trump is a “baby Christian“, Trump hasn’t done anything wrong since becoming president.)

Answer: Really? How do you know that?

And the ultimate pretzel twisting:

Trump did not have an affair with Stormy Daniels. She’s lying to get money, (attention, media time, to ruin him, etc, etc).

My Answer: Now I don’t like Stormy Daniels at all. I don’t like women who do what she does. I think they are really nasty and debased and contribute absolutely nothing good to society whatsoever by doing porn films. Nothing at all. But any man who is taken in by their wily and evil ways is just as bad. Stormy is a whore because she accepted hush money for sex. That makes Trump a whore monger. He committed this adultery because he admitted to the hush money. What else would it be for? If he didn’t have sex with her, he’d be suing her for slander. But he’s not.

Franklin Graham says….What Trump did in private is his business – contradicting what he said in 1998 about Bill Clinton:  “The private acts of any person are never done in secret. God sees and judges all sin, and while He seeks to restore the offender with love and grace, He does not necessarily remove all the consequences of our sin.” The rest of what Graham said about Clinton is very telling, if you want to click on the blue words later.

Robert Jeffress says…Trump was appointed by God…and how does he know this, and if it’s true then why wouldn’t it be the case that Obama was also appointed by God?

Paula White says…Well, never mind Paula White. She’s a consummate adulterer and word of faith “preacher” who doesn’t believe in the Holy Spirit, so she leads the blinded evangelicals over the cliff with her demands for “seed money”. And they ante up! She is however, Donald Trump’s spiritual advisor, so one could surely say that he’s picked a “like minded” person.


Kanye West says….Well this one is even more in line with Trump’s own lifestyle. Cussing, celebrity, party schmoozing, sex culture, and self centered. But what about the people who have careers based on the fact that God exists? Should they be defending Trump’s character? They are our spiritual leaders, after all.

The end result is that Donald Trump has actually done one good thing for me.

He has revealed those who have been called by God to expose sin and not try and twist it into something that it is not. He has helped separate those godly folks from the ones who are the sin justifiers. And he has shown me that many evangelicals in high positions defend him by justifying his sin. 

Evangelicals are now separated. If one truly believes that “your sin will find you out” (Numbers 32:23), and that we must avoid sin (2 Timothy 3:5) and expose evil works of darkness (Ephesians 5:11), then it is practically impossible to justify the sins of Trump.

Christ followers should never justify sin.

We are to repent of our own sins and try to be good examples. We are to expose sin in society and pray for it to be vanquished. We are not to hate those who sin, but we are not to elevate them either. We are to be a witness by telling others about Christ and/or living as He wants us to live, not by admiring someone who has many character flaws.

We can pray for the president; in fact we should pray for him. But we should not ever excuse what he has done. We should not ever overlook the rants on Twitter and convince ourselves that they are fruit-bearing. We cannot justify that he continues to lie to cover the past. Because then it makes it okay for our children and grandchildren to excuse it all too.





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  1. Thank you Janice. I agree with you 100%. Unfortunately I know way too many Christians that justify Trump’s behavior because “he is not Hillary.” They conclude that anything Hillary could have done would be far worse. Therefore what Trump does is OK.

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