Human Trafficking Part III: How it Happens and How to Report it

By Janice Barlow


Human (Sex) Trafficking is Nationwide

Just about anywhere you go, if you know who to contact or what to look for, you can “hook up” with an underage girl or boy for sex. There are different types of action that people seek. Sadly, a good number of those who seek out this pedophilia (and that is precisely what it is – so if you know anyone who has, you may safely label that person a pedophile), are white married men, often who have their own children.

Trafficking has three steps: action, means, and exploitation.

Child trafficking has two steps: action and exploitation. This is because means is irrelevant as children can’t legally consent.

The available girls (and sometimes boys) are under the control of pimps. A common way that these minors become involved in prostitution is by encounters with former slaves who enslave them using drugs as a lure and getting them addicted. At the top of the chain are the pimps; regular businessmen with families who have trained their former slaves to become their go-betweens to lure in the new sex slaves.

These runners used to be trafficked themselves, but now they can be trusted by the pimp because they have money coming their way for hustling a new member into the fold. This is the one of the more traditional manners in which kids grow up to be prostitutes. They are not hard to find because they are street kids and the lure of “free” drugs is too easy a temptation. They also get fed and clothed, (and beaten, used, and often killed).

If you suspect that someone you know has become involved in sex trafficking, there are some signs you can look for:

  • owes a large debt and is unable to pay it off
  • is fearful, depressed, or anxious
  • shows signs of physical or sexual abuse,
  • lacks knowledge of whereabouts
  • lives in a highly secured environment

These people are victims. They all too often become the nameless Jane and John Does who fill the morgues; young bodies marred by needle marks and almost unrecognizable to any family member who might come searching. They are young, wasted, and forever lost hope of any future.

There are also other methods of sex trafficking which are fairly common:

  • Seduction and romance,
  • False job advertisements,
  • Lies about educational or travel opportunities,
  • Abduction,
  • Sale by family

Society has turned away from these young people because for the most part, they are looked upon as a criminal element. They are categorized as promiscuous whores and drug addicts, living illegally; lowlifes who are the dredges of society. But if we just stop and think for a minute and consider, how did they get there….

That’s the first group and the one that has been around in plain sight in the United States the longest.

Next there are the ones who are kidnapped (listed as abduction above).

These are people of all ages, but are 90 percent girls, although there are some boys and some women too. They are forcibly taken and usually never seen or heard from again by their families. Most never escape. But some do. 

They are sold into the trade somewhere else in the country or even over the southern border into Mexico, (such as the girl in the article highlighted in the paragraph above). It is doubtful that the ones who were kidnapped ten years ago are still alive. Girls have been taken in pairs so that two families are often disrupted and devastated as to the whereabouts of their daughters.

For those who are kidnapped, there is less of a chance of escape than those who are willing prostitutes because of the drug addiction. The street kids had nowhere to go, so they went into a lifestyle that would (they thought), give them some esteem, money, and drugs. Many do try and escape. Some go back and forth a few times, between safe shelters and back to the pimps. A rare few actually do make it out, often because a family member cares enough to keep looking for them and forcibly gets them out and into a rehab center. But most don’t make it. And most do not survive past age 25. But the kidnapped ones don’t usually escape. And they lose their will to live.

The third and most prolific type of human trafficking is the bringing in of illegal minor girls, mainly from Asia, into the United States.

They are promised a job and a life of opportunity. They are basically lied to and so they sign up. Some even pay money for their chance to come to the land of the free.

Once here, they are put in situations where they cannot escape, because they have no idea where to go. Many “work” in illegal massage parlors and do much more than giving “happily married men” a massage. Recently, in some states, there has been a crackdown on these massage places where each employee, as well as the business has to be registered and licensed with the state. All this has done in some states is cause legitimate masseuses to have to pay about $500 a year to show they are licensed and continue in business. In the meantime, the illegitimate places make a simple name change to “Chinese Reflexology” or something along those lines, and magically, no licensing or fee is required. All the while, the same activity continues within.

The girls who work in these places live there as well. They cannot go freely about town because they could get the place shut down if they said anything. But they can’t speak English, and they are illegally here, so their fears are greatly enhanced. They are thin, often have illnesses like TB and Hepatitis C, as well as STD’s. And the happily married men don’t seem to care. They just go in and get their “massages, complete with “happy endings“, not realizing that this is adultery, pedophilia, and also exposing their wife to numerous diseases and illnesses.

These places need to continue to be raided.

What can we do as concerned citizens?  If we know of ANY suspect situation of human trafficking, there is a national hotline to call   1 (888) 373-7888

If there is a “massage parlor” in your neighborhood that has changed it’s name to “reflexology” or something similar, please report it to the local police and tell them you are calling the national hotline as well. That will expediate an investigation. Ask for an unannounced inspection, and for the employees to have their documents checked to see if they are legal and old enough to be massaging people. Ask to remain anonymous for your own protection.

IF you are a woman, if your state allows it, get a gun, carry it with you wherever you are allowed to carry it, and don’t go out alone at night. Never let your teen daughters out alone at night. Too many don’t ever come home again.

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