The Derailing of the Trump Presidency and Why Many Supporters are Finally Walking Away

By Janice Barlow

PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS ANGERED MANY on the right from the start. They didn’t vote for him, didn’t back him, and some grudgingly gave him a nod when he did the occasional good thing that they expected from a president who wasn’t Obama. I struggle to think of an example beyond Neil Gorsuch, a name picked from a list of semi- to completely conservative SCOTUS justice picks that any Republican president would have chosen acceptably from. Of course, the response is always: But Hillary wouldn’t have!

Let’s move forward about ten months into the presidency, and take a look at the chinks in the armor, the leaks in the dam, the gaps in the wall that has not nor will not be built and see why people are exiting the Trump Train. (I know with certainty that many will say in response to my article that “NO, I’m still on board!“) I have seen the evidence; the tweets, the social media posts, and the news commentaries by folks like Tucker Carlson, Fox News Commentator, who have truly shocked me in their reformed brutal honesty.

Tucker Carlson goes off on the administration and the entire Republican Party.


But lets take a look at what caused the exodus, and in the order of the events that I believe were the root causes.


Trump had promised to hire the best people. One year into his presidency, he not only had over 350 unfilled seats in his administration, but he had already fired a lot of it and others had walked out the door. The following is a (not entirely inclusive) list of those who are no longer there.

These folks resigned; some were told to or they would be fired:

  • H.R. McMaster – National Security Advisor
  • Rex Tillerson – Secretary of State
  • Gary Cohn – Chief Economic Advisor
  • Hope Hicks – Communications Director
  • Rob Porter – Staff Secretary
  • Omarosa Manigault-Newman – Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison
  • Dina Powell – Deputy National Security Advisor
  • Tom Price – Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • Sebastian Gorka – Deputy Assistant to the President (resignation is denied by the administration which says he was fired)
  • Anthony Scaramucci – White House Communications Director
  • Sean Spicer – White House Press Secretary
  • Mike Dubke – White House Communications Director
  • Mike Flynn – National Security Advisor (forced to resign

These folks were fired:

  • John McEntee – Trump’s personal aide
  • Steve Bannon – Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor
  • Reince Priebus – White House Chief of Staff
  • James Comey – FBI Director
  • Sally Yates – Acting Attorney General

Other Notable Departures: (Source: ABC News)

  • Steven Goldstein: Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs
  • Josh Raffel: Deputy communications director
  • Rick Dearborn: deputy chief of staff
  • George Sifakis: director, Office of Public Liaison
  • Ezra Cohen-Watnick: senior director for intelligence programs, National Security Council
  • Michael Short: senior press assistant
  • Walter Shaub: director, Office of Government Ethics
  • Vivek Murthy: surgeon general
  • Angella Reid: chief usher, White House
  • Katie Walsh: deputy chief of staff
  • Preet Bharara: U.S. attorney, Southern District of New York


Trump put his signature on the most bigly and embarrassing Omnibus bill that ever came out of a Republican Congress in history. An explanation of just how it differs from the budget is clearly articulated in Lynda Bryant Work’s piece written yesterday. Also, Justin Amash tweeted several times about how people are confusing the Omnibus bill with the budget. This is partly because the public is lazy and does not want to educate itself on the legislative process. They only want to shout “MAGA!” And think that Trump can change and allocate money in this bill as he pleases.


As late as the morning before signing the bill, Trump had said he would probably veto it, and then he flipped and signed it, touting that it increased military spending. Well yes it does, as well as cutting our national security while giving huge amounts of money to China. The Democrats are throwing parties over the spineless stupidity of Congressional Republicans. Please check to see which of your House Reps and Senators voted NO on this bill. Everyone else should be booted to the moon.


Sex scandals follow Trump around like toilet paper stuck on a shoe. He can’t seem to shake them. And tonight, on 60 Minutes, porn star Stormy Daniels will give an interview to reveal more information about her involvement with Donald back in 2006-2007. Likely, their ratings on this show will be sky high.

When it comes to scandals like this, the media isn’t biased. They went after Bill Clinton and John Edwards with an equally fevered voracity as they are going after Trump. No one likes to see their own party’s president dragged through the mud. But as a government watchdog, all I care about is the truth. And money shouldn’t keep it from being told. Period. So thank you 60 Minutes, for letting the nation see what the National Enquirer tried to hide, (since its owner is a close friend of Donald Trump).


The Trump Administration would like you to believe that this investigation is a nothing-caviar. But it’s not so. Robert Mueller is still patiently and purposefully investigating corruption in the presidential election, among other issues tied to Russia and even some ancillary ones. Such as Jared Kushner‘s meetings with financial officers in the White House immediately before loan activity on his massively indebted property at 666 5th Avenue in New York City. And Donald Trump Jr.‘s questionable meetings with men having Russian last names. There is more coming down the pike and it cannot be swept under any Persian carpets.


It looks like the stock market honeymoon is over. For every big and beautiful up day, the Dow smashes into a ceiling and drops rapidly downward. Confiscatory tariffs on goods made overseas will not create jobs here as they may have in the past, because the network of trade around the globe has become much more integrated and complex than in the past. I wrote about this a couple weeks ago in an article called, “Tariffs – Retuning an Engine that isn’t Broken.” 

Each one of these elements I’ve highlighted is a stumbling block in an administration that is fighting to maintain a majority in upcoming midterm elections. But piled all together in a massive hot mess, they have certainly awoken the rational people who had, up until the Omnibus Bill, given Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt.

If you still are inclined to do so, you may want to ask yourself why you are living in denial. Would you have defended these things if Hillary had been elected? Look in the mirror and ask yourself, because in reality, she was.


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4 thoughts on “The Derailing of the Trump Presidency and Why Many Supporters are Finally Walking Away

  1. When Sean Hannity jumps ship, then we will really know that Trump’s in trouble. This omnibus bill proves that Republicans do not know how to govern any more than Democrats do. Oh that’s right, they are one and the same.

    1. Gorsuch was not the Supreme Court Justice Trump promised the Republican pro-life base. Gorsuch swore before the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Democrats at his confirmation hearing that Roe v. Wade and “same sex marriage” are “the settled law of the land.” Gorsuch is an Elder in a left wing pro-abortion, pro-homosexual church in Boulder, Colorado that has a radical left woman lead “minister.” Ted Cruz said if he was elected President, he would defund, investigate and prosecute Planned Parenthood but Trump just funded them again for $530 million to keep slaughtering babies.

  2. Most of the people you list as having been fired were Obama holdovers. Try again.

    1. You’re wrong. Janice Barlow didn’t even name every one, nor did she name the many who have refused to even join this chaotic Administration.

      Was that your only “safe subject” to single out with a comment? The article includes many other facts and failures.

      Try again!

  3. We were the last County to fall to this plan. Our Republic is being eaten from the inside. The reason we were last is that we have a Constitution, the trouble is most people don’t know that. We have been lied to, through education, media and even the church. I am afraid that when we do wake up it very well may be to late. It is not to late to stand though, there will be a remnant that will remember our stand.

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