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Dena vs. Dena: Two Sides Of Sanctuary Cities

By Dena Leichnitz


This is Dena Takruri (video below), and this is her take on why we should keep sanctuary cities

All I have to say to her comments are, “Dena, you are wrong!”  And believe me that is not a sentence I utter very often.  So lets go over her comments and see why sanctuary cities are a bad thing and not helpful to society. 

In order to avoid confusion when I am referring to Ms. Takruri, I will use the initials DT and when referring to myself, I will use the initials DL.

DT( Dena Takruri):  San Francisco is home to 7 million people and 400,000 of them are “undocumented workers.”

DL (Dena Leichnitz):  First of all, calling them undocumented workers is like calling a thief an undocumented property remover. No, they are thieves and we are talking about illegal aliens, not immigrants (immigrants come over here legally and tend to become citizens, people who come over here illegally do not wish to become citizens so let’s not confuse the two.) or the more deceptive term “undocumented workers.”

Secondly, I am always curious how do we know exact numbers if they are over here illegally? And if we do have these exact numbers why isn’t anything being done to stem the tide? Let’s say your number is accurate and they are only 6 percent, more or less, of the population. That still has an impact on housing, education, wages, etc.

DT: [San Francisco] has several sanctuary cities within it and that has caught the eye of the federal government.

DL: First off all, immigration is a federal issue, not a local one! Though it is felt locally by those who live in “sanctuary cities” the issue itself is one for the feds.

Let’s break out the Constitution: Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4: To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.  The feds have a very limited amount of what they are specifically supposed to oversee, naturalization is one of them!  It is not a state issue, it has never been a state issue, it has always been a federal issue, so don’t act like Donald Trump is overreaching his authority by taking on immigration. 

I don’t agree with that man on almost anything but I do agree with him that sanctuary cities have to go.  And before I go onto the next topic let’s not forget this little beauty: Article VI (6), Clause 2

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding. 

Did you get that? The Federal Constitution is the supreme law of the land. So not only do they have the responsibility to oversee immigration and naturalization, their rulings are the supreme law of the land.

DT:  Donald Trump is ramping up ICE raids and withholding federal funding for those who refuse to cooperate with the ICE raids.

DL:  So Donald Trump is expecting people to who have sworn to uphold the law to do just that? That is crazy talk! Federal funding should be taken away if people are not going to cooperate. You should be grateful I am not the one in charge because every time those illegal aliens had one of their Mayday parades, I would be down there with every branch of the military including the National Guard, I would round them all up and start deportation on the spot! 

The right to peaceably assemble as found in our First Amendment is for citizens of this country, not the invaders. The fact that our elected leaders care more for those who unlawfully came to our land and use our resources is disgraceful and if I was in charge every one of them would be facing jail time and maybe even treason!

Going line by line would make this a book not an article so I will just start summing up from this point on.

DT points out there are several cities in Northern California that will protect illegals. Well, then these people need to promptly be arrested! The elected officials are supposed to protect the citizens – not those that came in here criminally!

You can watch the rest of the video but here are some other reasons sanctuary cities are not a good idea

  1.  It teaches people that you don’t have to follow the law to get what you want. That you can use and abuse the system and the state will take care of you. It teaches people no respect of authority and to have a total disregard of anyone you might hurt along the way.
  2.  The authorities are refusing to cooperate with ICE in criminal cases, which means people are not safer in their communities despite lies of Dena Takruri saying otherwise.  If your elected officials are not working with the feds to take down criminals then what are they doing? California, the only state to be doing this, has effectively said we don’t care about the American people we only care about illegals and we will let people die before turning our backs on those who need to exploit. California is not heroic, it is blatantly evil.
  3.  Illegal aliens do not have constitutional rights, citizens have rights, legal immigrants have rights, those who have other legal naturalization papers have rights, even citizen criminals have certain rights, but foreign criminals have none and it is time we stop letting these people walk all over us.

The Dena Takruris’ of the world are the worst because they are willfully complicit in taking down America.  This is not even remotely like the Jews during the Nazi Holocaust, (think Anne Frank, here) whom people were hiding to save their lives.

These people are not in mortal danger, they are simply coming here for choice. They make some money, send the majority of it home as remittances and then return to said home. They are not benefiting America as a whole and they need to go back to their home countries and do things the right way!

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