Salvaging the Conservative Movement

by Wes Walker via

If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”
Will Rogers

It goes without saying that the Republican Party has a credibility problem heading into the 2018 mid-terms. Even if Donald Trump is ultimately exonerated (fat chance) of all of the shady dealings and questionable collaborations with foreign powers, he’ll still already be responsible for reversing almost a decade of modest but steady economic gains, for polluting long standing foreign relationships, for what promises to be massive deficits coming in 2018, for an indefensible reversal on gun rights policy, and for what promises to be a public relations circus of horrors for years, if not decades, to come.

The GOP leadership had plenty of time to distance themselves from Donald’s Trojan Horse of political kompromat that now paralyzes their political agenda. If they didn’t know before, then they are just ignorant fools, but if they did know before, they are just stupid fools. The bad news for them is that obviously ignorant and stupid doesn’t poll well, and sticking their head in the sand hoarsely screaming “Fake News!” won’t change that. There’s no saving the GOP at this point. All conservatives can do now is figure out how to salvage the conservative movement.

Just in case, however, anyone is still operating under the delusion that the GOP can be saved, here’s a bucket full of ice cold truth. The fact remains that the GOP is still dominated by Trump voters who still believe Trump has the political momentum to achieve his agenda. We’re talking tens of millions of howling lunatics who are so moon bat crazy they will support Trump even after he is led off in cuffs to spend the rest of his miserable life in prison. Any plan to rehabilitate the GOP means taking on these loons, and picking a fight with stupid and crazy doesn’t have an upside.

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
Benjamin Franklin

We have the choice of either saving the GOP dullards who made their bed but now don’t want to sleep in it or salvaging the conservative movement from the further humiliation of being associated with unabashed bigots who have abandoned capitalist principles for the second time in a decade in favor of government intervention in the market, not only violating decades of conservative free trade philosophy, but also trampling all over trade relationships in rapidly growing economies around the world, all because they think Americans should inexplicably be exempt from normal market competition.

This choice should be simple: to hell with the bigots. They brought this upon themselves, and if we spend what’s left of our political capital cleaning up their mess, at the end of the day, they’ll still be bigots, and we won’t have anything left to fight for. Thanks to PopCon pundit sell outs like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, who’ve spent decades enriching themselves by peddling their bastardized cannibalizations of conservative ideology, we found ourselves strangers in what we thought our own party and our movement in disorderly retreat. Even Mark Levin has chosen his pocketbook over his principles. To hell with all of them.

The legacies of Ronald Reagan and Milton Friedman are simply too precious to sacrifice them for a party of cowards and political charlatans. The future of the nation must belong to those who have fought for something worth fighting for. After all, this nation wasn’t founded so government could persecute immigrant workers, nor was this nation framed to protect only domestic markets to the detriment of foreign competitors. Our republic was founded upon the conservative premise that all men and women everywhere are possessed of a right to life, liberty, property, and justice without the interference of the state.

Conservatism and conservatism alone, ladies and gentlemen, is worth fighting for.


Liberty is For The Win!

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2 thoughts on “Salvaging the Conservative Movement

  1. I don’t know if there is anything left of the conservative movement to save. The three biggest voice on TV/radio have become “turn coats” and their opinion matters more to conservatives than the truth. If Trump says it, it’s gospel. Rush and Hannity are just repeating what their dear leader and king has already said. How do you save conservatism when there are so few of us true conservatives left to fight for it?

    1. If we abandon “conservative” to the nationalists, we can expect no better cultural results than when we abandoned “liberal” to the leftists. We ought fight for these ideas if they are worth fighting for. If they aren’t worth fighting for, then what’s all the fuss about? I will fight for them.

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