God, Government, and Who is Really to Blame for the Mess?

By Janice Barlow

For a while, I was not going to address politics. It just seems to generate dissension among the ranks of those of us who generally espouse the same basic values: smaller government, pro-life, fair taxes, high morals, and most importantly, a shared belief in God.

Of note, is how often God seems to be set aside on social media, as people argue politics. Once, a person even told me that his love of his family comes before God, and how dare I even suggest that he is to love God more than his own wife. I tried (and failed) to explain that God created his family for him to love and protect and he should be eternally grateful for that.

What kind of love?

Our love for God is supposed to transcend our love for people if we trust what He has done for us. It’s different. It’s not a physical attachment, or a filial (affectionate and brotherly) love. It’s also not an erotic (stemming from Eros) love. Those loves are human natured and though we like to think of them as permanent, we see often how people can shift away from them for one reason for another. We want to love our friends and family “forever” and it is certainly my hope that everyone does. Shattered lives most often stem from the disappointment of betrayal of a family member or even a friend.

Love for God is Agape love. It is to be unconditional and everlasting, as He first loved us. It is selfless. We should lay aside our egos and put God first every day, not on some shelf over there while we argue politics online or at the dinner table and get mad at our former cohorts. But we do, and may I say, that I am guilty as charged.

If we look at our government through the eyes of Jesus, we will likely see one big huge mess.

It’s mainly because the entire system has put itself first and relegated God to a back seat. I’m not going to insert a bunch of Bible verses to show what happens to nations when they do this, but they do exist and it’s not good. We are already seeing America sliding into an immoral abyss as more laws are passed every year that allow for immoral activity to become the norm.

Who do we blame?

As a conservative, I personally have a finger to point. Leadership should be morally above activity that is promoted by a leftist agenda. Regardless of the private unsavory lives any leaders may have or have had, they should be leading the nation by promoting standards that were considered Constitutionally acceptable by the Forefathers, and not things that are bent and twisted to look like they fit.

Of course, the Forefathers never anticipated such things as abortion, gay marriage, and transgenders in the military. But if they were alive today, do we actually believe they would find it acceptable for the government to be involved in such activity?

As late as the 1960’s, our government had to step in and ban polygamy which was happening (and still is under the radar) in some extremist Mormon sects which are not condoned by the mainstream LDS Church. Polygamy was found to be unacceptable by our government to the extent that it was deemed unlawful. And it still is.

Where did we reverse course?

Why are the liberals gaining a foothold no matter who is in power? It’s not only because God has been evicted from the nation and Christianity and Judaism are now seen as a threat to public discussion (except, we can now say Merry Christmas again, *eyeroll*).

President Trump issued an executive order in May of last year that really says nothing new about religious liberty, and everyone on the right jumped up and down and cheered. About what? About what is legal under the Constitution anyway? Nothing new was introduced. It was simply a written reminder of what was already in place.

So, I said all that to say this:

Until we, as a Judeo-Christian majority nation, (and YES we are, there is no denying it or lying about it), stand up for our rights and put God first, we will continue to have wimpy left leaning leaders like Mitch McConnell in the Senate and Paul Ryan in the House. We must work diligently to remove these RINOs, McConnell in particular.

More legislation has passed that includes Democrat pork projects since Trump took office than ever passed under the first year of George W. Bush who had a Democrat Congress. Bigger budget spending has been underwritten under this administration than under Barack Obama. And for the first time, a disaster relief bill was held up for six long months instead of being allowed to go to the Senate for passage in December.

The disaster relief bill was delayed by McConnell for political reasons. He wanted it thrown into the budget now. He didn’t want it as a standalone bill to close out last year – which had aid for people affected by hurricanes last August and September in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, as well as funding for a new First Responder system in Puerto Rico. This all could have been done and over with and no one would have been yelling about Planned Parenthood because no conservative would have voted for the budget, OR the Continuing Resolution that had Planned Parenthood in the budget would have been removed because the need to have it as a negotiating tool would have been moot.

McConnell is in bed with the Democrats.

Going back to 2015, McConnell has been consistently hammered for defending, not defunding, Planned Parenthood.

During that same budget battle, Ted Cruz called McConnell a Democrat: 

Ted Cruz on Thursday night accused Mitch McConnell of being “the most effective Democratic leader in modern times.”

Furious over the deal to raise the debt ceiling and strike a budget agreement, the Texas Republican and presidential candidate ticked off a set of statistics showing several high-profile votes that united Democrats and divided Republicans. The vote totals for the confirmation of Attorney General Loretta Lynch and backing off of a fight over President Barack Obama’s immigration actions led Cruz to a “shocking conclusion” — that the Senate majority leader is a Democrat in disguise.

McConnell has a deep desire to back stab the Conservatives in his own party. This doesn’t just include his continuous spite for Ted Cruz because Cruz exposed him as a liar publicly on the Senate floor in 2015 for cutting a backroom deal. It also includes stabbing John Cornyn in TX, Marco Rubio in FL and the Puerto Rican government. By proxy, it includes all the GOP members of the House in Texas and Florida who didn’t see their angry constituents get their promised relief before Christmas.

Many say that disaster relief should not be funded by the government. I can see the argument there. However, I would rather see my tax dollars go to fund that than to fund illegals (code for lawbreakers), becoming citizens or to fund multi-million dollar non-profits continue to do abortions. I’d rather see my money help someone get into a home after spending six months displaced in a tent or shelter than to fund the National Endowment of the Arts so it can give money to an “artist” who puts a Cross in a jar full of urine.

We can pick and choose our battles. But we should remember two things:

Place blame where the blame originates: Mitch McConnell is not on the side of Conservatives and never will be.

And try, like I will be doing, to always put God first, so I will think twice before lashing out at personal attacks. Anger comes swiftly, but also can leave quickly with a couple of deep breaths and a prayer.


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  1. Once again you are 100% correct in your analysis of what goes on in DC. The voters of Kentucky put McConnell there, so they are to blame too. The Senate made McConnell majority leader so they are all to blame as well. Things will not change under this administration since we have a Democrat president (even though he had an R next to his name when he was elected). McConnell is just following Trump’s lead. If the country had put God first Trump never would have become the Republican nominee.

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