Is There But One Senator to Blame in DC?

By Janice Barlow

There is so much anger, so much bitterness, rage, and an underlying feeling of helplessness and frustration with the current administration and Congress. No doubt, it is true that much has gone awry. Many promises have been broken and it’s certain that many more will be.

Everyone is pointing fingers, arguing, and wanting heads to roll. I am on board with some of that and have been for some time. How does a man like Mitch McConnell remain in a position of leadership for so long and yet accomplish nothing for the good of his party, let alone his constituents? It seems like it’s one big Democrat-fest every time Mitch and Chuck Schumer get together behind closed doors. The Democrats seem to always get their way and we just shake our heads.

But if we peel back the layers of blame and take a hard look at what is truly going on, much of it is truly misdirected.

Let’s start with Planned Parenthood, that non-profit organization which rakes in multi-millions of dollars yearly and donates huge chunks to the Democratic Party. We can argue ad infinitum about how much of its funding actually goes to abortion. The point is that a single dollar is too much. The point is also that it should not even be registered as a non-profit organization when its top executives bankroll six-digit incomes and it receives millions in private donations. Why it is being government funded at all is the million dollar question.

Now that the government has once again, albeit temporarily (until March 23) passed Planned Parenthood funding in the 2018 fiscal budget, fingers are being pointed, primarily at the Republican Senators who allowed this, and specifically at Senator Ted Cruz, who is everyone’s favorite target practice.

Look back. Look at the campaign promises of Donald Trump in 2016. He promised to defund Planned Parenthood at almost every rally. Do you, the voter, not understand that he has full authority to do this? No as an Executive Order, but as the president who drafts the budget before it gets sent to Congress.

The president, with the help of a small committee, decides what stays in the budget and what gets removed, BEFORE it goes to Congress to be fine-tuned. If they are unhappy with it, they make recommendations and then send it back to the president for reconciliation. He then checks it over, either agrees and signs it into law, or makes his own adjustments, and sends it back to Congress for further review. This process continues until a budget is completed.

It is extremely difficult to get an item put back into the budget for funding if the president has removed it. If Congress attempts to do this in a reconciliation, the president can simply veto the budget, or remove the item again and send it back. Case in point: Barack Obama removed funding for NASA from the budget before it went to Congress in his first term. They didn’t even bother to try and put it back in the budget because it was a losing proposition. Obama wanted the Space Program nixed. And he got his way.

So everyone and his mother can blame Congress until the cows come home for Planned Parenthood every time it comes up, but the blame need only be cast upon one person – Donald Trump. He’s the one that kept shoving it in the budget. And it was hopeless to try and vote against the budget in the Senate as they needed a 60 vote majority to shoot it down. All that would do is delay the inevitable.

So why blame Ted Cruz?

Because people are angry and he’s up for re-election. Some supposedly conservative folks have even stated that they would rather have a Democrat fill his seat in Texas. That is a strange paradox. Even his Republican opposition, double named, Stefano de Stefano, is an open border, pro-choice “Republican”. I fail to see what anyone hopes to accomplish by removing a conservative from the Senate. Especially if he is not their Senator. May I ask you, how did YOUR Senator vote?

My readers know that I am not and have not been a huge fan of Ted Cruz in recent months, but in looking at this objectively, I’m starting to see a ridiculous pattern of blame shifting. Let’s take a look at some of the individual things that have happened under the radar involving Ted Cruz that whining voters are choosing to ignore so that they can lump him in with the inept amnesty-loving President.

Just in December, the House voted to fund a standalone Hurricane Harvey disaster relief bill for Texas. That late into the year, people were still homeless, living in shelters and hotels, and getting no answers on assistance. I’m not talking about a little help, but these are people who lost everything and have been forgotten as time has moved on.

The Senate, under the leadership of the Turtle McConnell (the nickname isn’t merely because of his appearance; he’s slow as molasses on decisions), would not vote before the Christmas break. Instead, they promised Senator Cruz and Senator Cornyn of Texas that they would take up the disaster bill vote first thing in January. Of course, that never happened and this relief bill ended up being lumped in with the Omnibus budget bill (Ominbus meaning, in laymen’s terms – include a whole bunch of other crap that you don’t like or want that must be voted on in order to get important things passed).

So here we are in February, almost two months after that relief should have been given to the storm victims, and they are still waiting.  Not soon enough, they will finally get relief, as people scream from their Lay-Z-Boys that Cruz caved on Planned Parenthood. No. Trump did. Last year. Don’t forget it. Ever.

Next we have amnesty.

Who was the only Senator who stood up this month and voted against giving amnesty to people who came here illegally? Lawbreakers, no matter how you try to sugarcoat it? Ted Cruz. Donald Trump loves amnesty. They are polarized on this issue. Trump loves his illegals; they’ve worked for him at his properties for years.

And finally, we have jobs.

Which state actually has a Senator who is bringing jobs into the state instead of seeing them leave or have massive layoffs? Ted Cruz. People are moving to Texas from California, Nevada, and other states where, yes, there may be some jobs, but they are low paying. He has firmly opposed raising the debt ceiling, and of course, amnesty people taking jobs away from legal Americans.

When DACA legislation takes hold though, if people let it and don’t write/call/email and YELL at their Congressperson, you can kiss many of those jobs goodbye because if DACA people are denied jobs in border states, they will sue. And win. Blame yourselves for doing nothing to stop it.

If you want to keep blaming one Senator out of 51, that’s your choice. It’s often said that the ones who work the hardest are the most hated and get blamed the most. It’s because he is visible and he makes his stances known.

Ted Cruz hates abortion. He has stood strongly against it over and over. He is the only one who is not afraid to stand against Trump on amnesty while all of your own wimpy Senators sit in silence and bow to the Orange Overlord. Yes, Cruz has voted on some things that Trump has signed. It’s because Trump doesn’t know what in God’s name he is signing. He just wants his name to look pretty.

No, I’m not a Cruzbot. I’m a conservative who sees a bunch of rabid people blaming a conservative for something that may be the fault of the guy or woman in their own backyard.

Stop sitting on your hands and crabbing about everything and saying you will vote for the liberal, unless you change parties to match your mouths. Stop blaming a hard working conservative. Do something productive. Make the calls.



Stop blaming one Senator and look at the whole picture. Don’t be afraid of the TRUTH.

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One thought on “Is There But One Senator to Blame in DC?

  1. Thanks Janice for another “right on” commentary. I agree with you 100%. I have been disappointed in Cruz since he told us “vote your conscience” and then turned around and voted for Trump. He has voted with Trump too many times this past year. But he is still a strong voice in the wilderness when it comes to defunding Planned Parenthood and opposition to amnesty. Trump is not a good leader and what passes or doesn’t pass in Congress is his fault. People should stop blaming Congress and start blaming Trump.

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