Quantum Physics of Prayer: Will-Choice

by Oletta Branstiter

Two Paths You Can Go By

The Bible says Adam and Eve’s “eyes were opened” upon eating the forbidden fruit from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Genesis 3:7). All they had known until this time was goodness from the hand of God. Now they perceived that something was missing. They felt uncovered and estranged from God because they had yielded to the temptation of doubting the Word (spoken harmonic) of the Creator. Suddenly, their individuality was more perceptible than the symphonic tapestry of the Lord revealed in Creation.

Some neuroscientists say that we have two people living inside our mind. One is a spoiled little brat who wants what it wants and is always on the look for instant gratification. While the other will take into account our long-term goals and possibly refrain or delay gratification. – from The Psychology of Willpower

For those who believe in an eternal existence and an omnipotent ruler, the stakes are higher than mere momentary gratification. 

According to a philosophy inspired by sacred geometry, Satan (the Deceiver), in an attempt to mimic the role of the Creator, began by dividing spirit into a dual-seeded egg of life. This process developed into the Tree of Knowledge. By consuming the “genetically altered” fruit from this tree, Adam and Eve were introduced to an unnatural separation from Creation and their Creator.

Will was born – consciousness multiplied by choice. Sin is conscious energy choosing to harmonize with a song not sung by the Creator. That’s why God asked, “Adam, where are you?” His creation was not reverberating to His melody.

The number 6, like the Davidic star, represents a division between God and man.

Harmony or Discord

Adam was not responding to the God-Song and all of creation suffered the discordant reverberation. The Superstring of harmony was severed and the whole world was out of tune, all because the first man and woman had responded to the siren-song of the Tempter: “You can be like God if you eat from that tree.”

Forgetting that their Creator had done all that was necessary to stamp His own image on them from the beginning, they sought another way. I AM became I WILL. They took a bite of the forbidden and were poisoned by the seduction of living for the fickle future. Their souls became separated from the One by conscious volition.

When a well-tuned guitar is plucked, the same well-tuned string on a nearby guitar will resonate to the same energy wave by humming faintly in response. A well-made gong will “sing” long after the hammer blow has struck.

The opposite theme is just as powerful. Consciousness multiplied by choosing to resonate with the Creator’s harmony is a force without equal. The sixth dimension of prayer is consciousness choosing God’s will for the future. It’s the opposite of doubt. It is the complete dependence upon the lyrics God has ordained for our lives – the kind of trust that gives sure step to the conscious will tuned exclusively to the First Song. 

“There is only one thing … what seems to be a plurality is merely a series of different aspects of this one thing, produced by a deception.” – Erwin Schrödinger

True Light multiplied by choice always results in divine will. If we harmonize with and reflect the true Light, the photon waves will follow the path that is ordained for blessing. The Creator’s melody becomes a literal lamp unto our feet, as the EM energy travels the spectrum from radio waves to visible frequencies.


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