Quantum Physics of Prayer: Song-Cube

by Oletta Branstiter

Cue the Creator’s Song

In the beginning, Creation was the creative thought of God (Zero Dimensions: Thought-Point). Light connected everything to Him in real time (One Dimension: Connection-Line). Then Light invited creation to participate with divine energy (Two Dimensions: Truth-Plane).

Now, we have a dimension created by factoring a plane by one more dimension: mass. What happens when we increase something by an exponent of three? C (the speed of light) becomes c3 or cubed. Nuclear physicists theorize that the photon-based elementary particle string may be a closed string that can take three-dimensional form.

“God forever geometrizes.” – Plato

Biblical numerology assigns the number 3 to the idea of Trinity. After producing the energy of Light, God began to sing another verse, creating matter. All three-dimensional objects materialized, from land to plants and animals. Spinning electrons connect to create three-dimensional space. These are the manifestations of antimatter that resonate with the Creator’s melody in ways that interact with the plane of Light. 



The Star of David is no arbitrary symbol. The multilayered, entwined triangles necessitate three-dimensional space. The six angles and sides, divided into two objects, are a reference to the separation from and rejoining of creation to the Creator.

In 3 dimensional space, the Star of David becomes a Merkaba – the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body.



“Sanskrit, (like ancient Egyptian, Aramaic, Tibetan, Chinese, High Javanese, and Hebrew) is a language held to be sacred because it was faithful to the Word of God, the ‘language of Light.’ Hence, its characters were considered ‘sounds of Light’. Its syllables were believed to hold geometric vibrations that harness the powers of Light and the octaves of sound to create matter.” – Freddy Silva

Geometry, Symbology, and Ascended Reality

All creation that we can perceive with our senses is 3D. Antimatter, responding to electromagnetic energy, begins vibrating at complementary frequencies. Sounds like a harmonic chord, doesn’t it? Now, creation is actually singing along to the Creator’s tune! It’s called cymatics, or electromagnetic harmonics, in which vibrating frequencies (source of sound) create geometric solids. Imagine a particle point, resonating to God’s voice, manifesting waves of energies emanating in all directions from the thought-point like a star.

The spherical nucleus and orbital “star” at the root of every atomic action give mankind the sacred geometry used in every religion to bridge the gap between heaven and earth. The Star of David, Egyptian and Mayan pyramids, Eastern mandalas, European cathedrals, Celtic runes, Tibetan prayer wheels, circular Nordic churches, Native American dream catchers and sand paintings are just a few examples of humanity’s attempt to perceive God.

Symbols, like poetry, contain more dimensions of information than mere factual descriptions of matter. The Greek word for symbol is symballein, representing a boat for transporting sacred information between intuition and physical reality.

From the microscope to the telescope, scientists have discovered symmetries in creation. Our solar system is a giant replica of an atom. The double helix of a DNA strand is a tiny version of the Milky Way!

As our knowledge increases exponentially, we’ve learned through quantum physics that, in its very basic form, matter consists of infinitesimal units of harmonic energy. Creation is humming with life!

Intoning the sound “om” actually aligns fine powder to form the letters om on a metal disc! Om is the root word for amen, meaning “let it be so”, similar to the translation of God’s own creative words, “Let there be …” We say, “umm”, when we are thinking of the best words to convey our thoughts. It’s not just a method of stalling – these melodic vibrations harmonize with our brains to create a name for a metaphysical idea. The sound creates a vibratory connection between our synapses to help us recall the appropriate word!

Sanskrit word “om”, a symbol for the first creative word of God. (Look at this symbol sideways.)

The first language representing monotheism has no vowels. The Hebrew alphabet consists solely of consonants. Until words are spoken, the language has no “voice”. Scripture gives a blessing to those who hear the Word of God. Apparently, Judaism recognizes the power of creative harmonies. The very name of G-d is not vocalized, to avoid profaning His glory.

Fred Alan Wolfe, Ph.D. suggests that sacred (secret) knowledge becomes disconnected from the Soul (profaned) when it is shared.

The Eternal Song of Prayer

God called Moses to record the story of Creation when He commanded, “Moses, listen!”, or “Musa ke”, in the Egyptian language. Sounds a lot like our own word for music, doesn’t it? As 3D beings, inspired by the breath of life, we vibrate in harmonic resonances that make the whole world sing! Ever wonder why David wrote so many prayers in song form? I propose that he knew that prayer is the way creation aligns its atoms in a harmonic accompaniment to the Creator’s voice.

“[T]he process of creation … requires the presence of both sound and light. In Egyptian cosmology, Atum Ra, the Sun god, is said to have created the Universe with a ‘cry of light.’ In Greek philosophy, logos, which means ‘word’ and ‘sound’, constitutes the controlling principle, the Universe as manifested by speech.” – Freddy Silva

We know that prayers are intoned at religious ceremonial sites. Worshipers meditate on the holiness of the Creator with words and song. Humans respond to a Higher Power by saying “Om” or “Amen”, which have the same root word: omen – meaning spoken prophecy. It’s the cosmic sing-along of “Let it be so, on earth as it is in Heaven” reverberating in all matter in a transcendent dimension. Note the fact that “omen” is inhabited in each moment (quantum time). Omni is the prefix meaning “all” in the words that best describe God’s power: omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent.

When we use a moment to allocate supernatural power, we are literally speaking prophecy into existence.

Spoken or sung prayer, common in many faiths, re-orients human electromagnetic frequencies to God’s harmonies. Religiously speaking, we are agreeing with the Almighty that we are powerless without Him and it is only by being infused with the Light of His Glory (Christ) that we are capable of transcending our fallen existence. With this Light – the ultimate creative power – we influence events in higher dimensions. In 3D existence, these events look like miracles.

Music is a recurrent theme in physics because vibration which causes harmonic energy resonates between all quantum particles. The sacred language of light and life is found in song.

“Be filled with the Spirit. Speak to one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your hearts to the Lord.” Ephesians 5:18b, 19


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