“At Least He’s Not”…is the Big Compromise in Republican Elections

By Janice Barlow

Compromise has been the number one descriptive word surrounding the Republican Party in since the GOP Convention last July. Principles, values, morals, the Constitution, and even the wisdom of candidates in the political arena were compromised in exchange for winning at all costs.

Donald Trump won the presidency in spite of his philandering, adultery, cussing, arrogance, relentless lies, trashing of the other candidates and extreme stupidity regarding what the presidency entailed. And in response, all his supporters can continue to offer up is, “At least he’s not Hillary.” “Thank God we didn’t get Hillary.” Etcetera, etcetera, ad infinitum.

As I have pondered countless times in the past, – why are grown men and women, particularly those stating that they are Christians, harboring so much fear of an old hag in pantsuits? The Bible, which most of them never dust off, states in numerous verses that we are not to fear men, but only God.

The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me? (Psalm 118:6 is one of many examples). 

Most of these same people have irrational fears promulgated by FAKE NEWS regarding conspiracy theories, Muslims running around their neighborhoods with machetes, seeking to behead them at every turn, and homosexuals trying to convert their children any time they turn their heads from being helicopter parents.

What ever happened to Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.“? Proverbs 3:5-6

If we don’t heed these verses, we are failing to trust and allowing fear to take hold, which leads to, “at least he’s not…” as a means of justifying our vote.

Did Alabamians vote for Roy Moore only because, “at least he’s not a baby killer“? as they portray pro-choice late term-abortion supporter Doug Jones to be?

I’m pro-life, but watch out!

Those pro-lifers in Congress have already let the abortionists win! Planned Parenthood and its abortion dollars are still funded by the government, so are these Congress people baby killers too? Sounds harsh I know, but why didn’t it STOP? We all demanded it to end and cried out for it to end, but the budget had to get signed, DEAR GOD SO WE COULD HURRY UP AND GET TO TAX REFORM, which is now tax deform….

But the tax debacle, (which was on the right track before it drifted waywardly back into the same number of brackets and a massive thick plan) is not the purpose of this piece. My point is that – nothing is changing because we keep compromising and settling for the same old same old, and using the excuses of, “well, at least he’s/she’s not…

Why not, “He’s a principled conservative with no baggage“. There are those out there, believe it or not! Some of the conservative governors and state representatives have clean conservative records that didn’t need excuses rubbed all over their names when they ran for office.

If it can be done at a state level, it can also be done at a federal level.

The difference is with us as voters. Quit making excuses and settling for flawed candidates!

The Phil Williams Show today nailed several key issues in this regard. One in particular was about Jesus turning over the tables in the Temple – which is the Church. Pastors also supported Trump – a flawed candidate. (Phil’s show’s link is at the end of this article and is a must see).

Personally, regarding the pastors, I’m not talking at the end of the election when there was this “binary” choice, but instead, during the primaries when these pastors had actual principled Christian conservatives to pick from.

What happened and why are people following these pastors today?

They have led their flocks astray by compromising. At least Trump wasn’t who? Ted Cruz? Rand Paul? Marco Rubio? Carly Fiorina? Scott Walker? No, Trump was the worst of the worst, and yet these pastors, who must have wanted to make a name for themselves, chose the nasty talking “billionaire” to be the one to lead the nation.


Roy Moore’s spokesperson went on CNN recently, and was interviewed by liberal Jake Tapper with a deer in the headlights moment. The issue was whether Muslims should swear on a Bible to take office. It’s certainly Moore’s right to have a spokesperson speak for him on this issue, but it should go without saying that he should know the Constitution, and that there is nothing in it that says a Bible must be sworn on to take office. Take a look at the compromise here in this YouTube video for those who say “At least Moore isn’t a baby killer“.  No he’s not, but he doesn’t know the Constitution, and he wants to implement his own rules instead, which is just as dangerous.  https://youtu.be/hqEA03v3OtQ

“At least he’s not…” doesn’t fly.

With Jesus, imagine if we grasped Him as our Lord and Savior only because, “At least He’s not Satan“.

But that’s what people are doing to vote. And for conservatives, it stinks.

Today’s Phil Williams Show:

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