Quantum Physics of Prayer: Connection-Line

by Oletta Branstiter

The Primary Connection

If zero dimensions represent thought, the first dimension represents the trajectory of that conceptual thought. One dimension is the energy wave created when the thought-point interacts with the void, or antimatter. It’s like plucking one never-ending string on a guitar. Where does the thought-note lead? What does a one-dimensional wave create?

The first verse of God’s Creation Song began, “Let there be …,” promising an evolutionary step up from a conceptual point. Antimatter resonates with His melody, fulfilling its destiny by becoming matter. This reaction is what creates dimensionality. The Superstring has begun, as a connection between Creator and creation. Interestingly, in Biblical numerology (the study of the metaphysical influence of numbers), the number 1 refers to the Creator revealed as the one true God, establishing monotheism.

“The search for the ‘one’, for the ultimate source of all understanding, has doubtless played a similar role in the origin of both religion and science.” – Werner Heisenberg

“The image of the triune God is in the sphere, namely of the Father in the center, of the Son in the outer surface and of the Holy Ghost in the uniformity of connection between point and intervening space or surroundings.” – Johannes Kepler

The Great Divide

A line also divides two areas. As we remember from high school geometry, a line goes on forever in both directions. It’s one-dimensional, so we cannot perceive it. Creation perceives a metaphysical connection to the Creator, as well as a division caused by the line. Revealing one of the many theological paradoxes, imperfect Creation is separated from the Creator, yet eternally connected to Him by virtue of Light!

From Genesis 1:4, we learn that antimatter responded to the Creator’s song by becoming a beam of photons (a particle of light energy, or energy that is generated by moving electrical charges) dividing the light from darkness; day from the night; and Time was born.

Riding the Wave

We can accept the Biblical account of creation by faith alone, or add the scientific evidence of quantum physics (the description of the particles that make up matter and how they interact with each other and with energy).

The photon is the basic element of all matter. The entire electromagnetic spectrum consists of light. A small segment of the EM spectrum vibrates at the same frequency as our eyes, allowing us to see color and form as the EM energy is refracted off of matter. Some light-waves vibrate at the same frequencies as our ears, enabling us to perceive EM energy as sounds (radio waves). Heat is the concentration of light on a surface. Literally, everything we perceive is really a quantum (the smallest unit used to measure physical property) field of EM energy. Photons are constantly moving, creating endless waves of energy. But, as physicist Max Planck proved, light energy can be measured in minute packets or particles. All matter is perceived as probable locations of energy reacting to other fields of energy. Everything is moving, yet connected by virtue of Light.

“Time and the heavens came into being at the same instant, in order that, if they were ever to dissolve, they might be dissolved together. Such was the mind and thought of God in the creation of time.” – Plato

Movement creates time (a dimension that measures the interval between two events occurring in the same space). Without EM energy creating quantum fields of vibrating matter, time would not exist. With movement comes change. Change creates time-fields we call past, present and future. The line of the first dimension divides Now from Then. It is the dimension of quantum time – the elusive present particle in the never-ending wave of time. Just try to quantify the present! The past is a memory; the future is a guess – both illusions. Actual existence happens only in the present. That’s why God defined Himself as I AM. He IS. He’s all that you perceive in the present because He is the Light! Like every artist, God is inseparable from His creation.

“For eternally and always there is only one now, one and same now; the present is the only thing that has no end.” – Erwin Schrödinger

Some physicists may never admit it, but they are searching for GOD. Someday, after decades of theoretical calculations and particle-smashing, the ubiquitous photon will have reached the limits of expansion, and the resulting contraction will absorb all matter faster than the speed of light, creating an eternal moment of pure energy.

Accessing Pure Energy

Maybe it’s possible to harness this magnificent power today. When we look for the element of GOD in every situation, I suspect that both time and space expand to fit His purpose as all potential energy becomes a concentrated form of His power.

“[A]ll things, including subatomic particles, are ultimately made of God.” – Ken Wilber, American philosopher

“We may wince at the vulgarity of suggesting that the purpose of physics is to know the mind of God, but this could be … the objective of many great thinkers both in antiquity and in the modern era.” – Hugh Lawson-Tancread, from his introduction to Aristotle, The Metaphysics

If God is Light interacting with all matter in the present, enabling us to perceive reality, shouldn’t we concentrate our thought-prayers on the current situation? And because all matter consists of quantum fields of energy responding to other spectrums of energy, it should be possible to create a metaphysical line that changes reality in real time. This is why God created light to connect us to Him.

“God is light … the Universe, born of an irradiance, was a downward spiraling burst of luminosity, and the light emanating from the Primal Being established every created being …’ Dionysius the Areopagite, quoted by Freddy Silva in Secrets in the Fields …

In The Divine Conquest, A.W. Tozer wrote:

“We habitually stand in our now and look back by faith to see the past filled with God. We look forward and see Him inhabiting our future; but our now is uninhabited except for ourselves. Thus we are guilty of a kind of pro tem atheism which leaves us alone in the universe while, for the time. God is not. We talk of Him much and loudly, but we secretly think of Him as being absent, and we think of ourselves as inhabiting a parenthetic interval between the God who was and the God who will be.”

Walk the line. Walk with Him. 

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