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Roy Moore: Sex, Lies, and Videotapes – A Rational Analysis

By Janice Barlow

After spending most of the last three days on the dilemma of Roy Moore, the Alabama candidate for Republican Senator accused of molesting a 14-year-old girl in 1979, I have decided to draw things to a close with this article. However, like most things in real life, closure is often complicated and riddled with loose ends. I’ll do the best I can.

First off, a few observations from the bleachers. People have really revealed much about how they react to situations simply because of the existence of social media. This is not a Monica Lewinsky moment, or like when John Edwards was caught with a mistress. Those events got the attention they warranted by the media, and one faded away while the other is still the brunt of jokes. Neither involved teenage girls.

However, when looking up politicians who had known sex scandals, I was able to locate a list, and many of them involved scandals with minors while they were in office. These events did not trigger the Facebook and Twitter explosions occurring now because of Moore because they didn’t exist then or were not used to the extent they are today.

Today it is personal. If you side with Roy Moore, you are doomed. You are a Trumphumper, a FAKE NEWS reader, a Steve Bannon minion and you automatically delight in protecting evil pedophiles. “What is going on right now is the equivalent of a lynch mob. If this is our new political environment, we won’t be able to stay a country very long.” – John Dough, a Facebook friend correctly observed.

If you want Moore to step down, you are a liberal, a truster in left wing news blogs, a traitor who has aligned with Democrats.

Both sides have one thing in common.

They are rife with some who are overwhelmed by emotion, and feel it is their duty to personally attack the opinions of others because they are justifiably right and the other side is wrong.

I invite either side to bet their life on their stance.

In the meantime, I have allowed a very small circle of friends to know why I shifted my neutral stance on this situation to one of yes, Roy Moore is most certainly guilty of sexually molesting (but not raping) a 14-year-old girl in 1979. Would I bet my own life on this? No. But if I had to choose only yes or no as an opinion, my opinion would be, yes. And he should step down for the good of the Republican party. Now.

I had previous to very early this morning, spent hours watching every video I could, read every news article I could find, (both FAKE and credible, at least as sources go), and studied the Washington Post article. Outside of being a very left leaning newspaper, it does have to maintain a modicum of credulity because of its wide readership.

At 4:30 this morning, I couldn’t sleep, and I started mulling it over and over in my mind. What was I missing? It was impossible to prove the allegations. But something about Roy Moore’s videos of his denial was bothering me. So I got up and watched them again. I literally felt, if you’ll excuse the expression, the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

Now, please bear with me. I’ve written two true crime books. It’s not an easy genre to tackle. I prepared myself by sitting through hours and hours of random court cases on all kinds of topics. I interviewed both prosecuting and defense attorneys to find out what they do to present their cases with what they have. And I studied witnesses.

I also watched hundreds of hours of actual courtroom testimonies. I spent over 1,000 hours doing research and sat through two weeks of trials and hearings for my first book, “Too Brief a Candle“, which, sadly, was about child abuse, leading to the murder of a  one-year-old child. (You have to buy the book to find out what happened to the defendant. It’s on Amazon – both paperback and Kindle editions).

After viewing the Moore video, I needed more verification of what I suspected. I pulled up videos of Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton lying. I watched them over and over. Here, I will place one of the short Clinton videos. There are a lot out there as you can guess.

I viewed a lot of them, as well as some of Obama lying about chemicals in Syria.

Then I studied several clips I had stored from a Psychology class I had taken in 2010 on body language to prepare for my book writing. (Sorry, copyrighted material not available for distribution). I reviewed signs to look for when people are lying. I already knew what I had seen, but it verified.

You can do the test yourself. (Diverted eyes, voice cadence, repeating pat statements in interviews, too long of pauses, and a litany of other observations). You might reach the same conclusion, or if your are predisposed to believing Moore is innocent, you might not at all. But remember, I came into this from a neutral position and found myself often defending why I was not calling him guilty. I was hedging because I really thought I was going to end up believing he was telling the truth. Keep in mind how much time I had devoted to studying how people lie prior to this morning.

Roy Moore is almost certainly guilty.

But he’s carrying around an old, old burden. He managed to slip into a normal life and leave that baggage behind for almost 40 years.

Does that make it any less disturbing?

The problem with that question is that it opens a huge can of worms. Molesters walk among us. In various threads I presented this theory – that perhaps half the men in the country might be guilty of, at some time in their lives, molesting or abusing a woman or minor (girl or boy). Some may still be doing so, some may have only done so once in a brief and stupid lapse of judgment when they were 21 years old. Maybe some harbor family secrets.

The responses to me were the same – that it is not common and/or that Roy Moore is a pedophile. Well both of those are not true statements.

How do I know?

Roy Moore’s predilection for teenage girls must have stopped in his 30’s.

He married and no reports ever came out again. And an amateur test of whether many men are carrying a dark secret around with them was evident: A disproportionate amount of women in thread comments, even those who claimed that molestation was not at all common, voluntarily reported that they personally had been molested as a minor. If it was not common, why were they all molested?

What do we do? Expose them all?

Maybe we should. We probably have a duty to do so. Think about it.




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