It’s Almost Year End! Do You Have Your Donations Done? Here’s A Great One!

By Janice Barlow

Phil Williams has so much on his plate these days, that it’s hard to keep up with him. For those of you who haven’t yet heard of Phil, he’s a disabled veteran who wears many hats. He’s a preacher. He has a radio show. He has a kid’s radio show. He also has his own recording studio where several well known artists record their music. He is also a musician and vocalist in his own right and can rival the best rappers.

But he uses his music to help the reach the community both for Christ and for building character in the neighborhoods in and surrounding Atlanta, his home base.

That is, until recently.

Phil came up with a concept called Lil Jimmy Always Pozitive Tablets & Teddy Bears, as an outreach for children and teens who, for various reasons, were in need of extra help in school. Phil knows well that a child who graduates has a far better chance of success than one who does not. He also wants to build their self esteem and instill positive messages and conservative values in the process.

Many children come from disadvantaged homes. Others are disabled or ill and cannot keep up with their peers in school. The tablets have subject-related games and activities, as well as songs by Lil Jimmy, (Phil has written and recorded over 250 of them) which encourage them and help them learn and catch up in Math and English, as well as other areas.  The children also receive a Teddy Bear so they have something to love and remind them that they are loved.

Earlier this month, Phil and his crew took a road trip from Atlanta to Ware Shoals, South Carolina. In a quickly prearranged meeting with a guy he met on Facebook, he was able to visit several locations and distribute sixteen tablets and Teddy Bears in person, dressed in the his lil Jimmy costume and using his lil Jimmy voice, (Click on bold link for video) which is quite amazing to see and hear.  Phil has plans to go as Lil Jimmy to at least six more areas around the country in the next few months including Green Bay, Wisconsin very soon.

The children loved it! But more importantly, Phil needed no permission from the government to do this charitable work. He came up with the concept and raised the funds to make the trip and buy the tablets and Teddy Bears and distribute them, all on his own. The message is simply that, as Americans, there is no need for us to depend on the government as a poor substitute to give back to society on our behalf. We can do it ourselves! Or we can support someone with the hands-on ability to do it, where we can see where every penny is going.

This concept is even better illustrated in Phil’s latest venture.

It happened almost by accident, although he knows better, that it was from God. With President Trump’s war on opioid addictions and other drug addictions, what the government wants to do is hand out pamphlets and have round table discussions with students and teach them the harms of doing drugs -rather like the old, “war on drugs.” Well we all know how that worked out. If a teen wants to get a hold of a drug, he or she will, and if the drug of choice is not available, a substitute will suffice.

The problem is that these teens either don’t fear death because they feel they are immortal, or they are deeply troubled and don’t care if they die; they just want to get high.

Phil is the only person in America right now who came up with a solution to change the minds and hearts of teens and children, and even young adults so they won’t want to do drugs! He wrote 12 songs and put them on a CD called, Jacob’s Ladder, in honor of a friend who died from a drug overdose.

The songs are in a style that deeply resonates with the kids, because its the kind of music that they listen to every day. But the words are written from a totally different angle – one that makes them THINK about what kind of life they WOULD have as an addict, and what life they COULD have without the drugs. There are also songs about sex trafficking and about how men should treat women with respect.

This song, “Still Resonating“, is a great example of the music and words on the CD.

I was astounded at Phil’s talent when I listened to the songs. There was no doubt in my mind that this music would hit a home run with the mission that it seeks to accomplish – getting kids off drugs, away from drugs, and showing them that they can rise above.

I am writing this article because Phil has been invited to perform his songs at the Narcotics Anonymous Convention, a conference about the drug problem in Atlanta over Thanksgiving weekend. Over 20,000 people are expected to attend. He has been asked to bring copies of his CD to sell, and he wants to use that money to keep growing his Lil Jimmy project so that he can travel to many areas and give out more tablets and bears, and also give performances in schools about staying away from drugs.

This is all a huge blessing, but it came up so fast! Funds are urgently needed. He has no CD’s yet! Phil loves the work he does and he would sacrifice sleeping if he could. But he just hates asking for money. He’s very uncomfortable doing so. So I am doing that for him!

Phil needs help NOW with the following needs!

Lil Jimmy Always Pozitive Tablets & Teddy Bears $30 per tablet+bear

Jacob’s Ladder CD’s need to be manufactured – approx 20,000 CD’s at a net cost of $.38 each

Phil’s Lil Jimmy customized van needs repair work done, approx. $1,200

Every dollar helps AND is tax deductible because Phil’s work is non-profit and is through Men On Point, a Christian 501c3 organization.

If you choose to donate, you can earmark your funds on the donation site for whichever project you like. All are urgent! Or you can just donate and the money will go to the one that is coming up next.

Here is the donation site – scroll down to the donate button, and may God bless you abundantly for helping a child learn or keeping another off drugs!



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