How Obama’s Giant Ball of Twine Got Trumped in the Budget Contest

By Janice Barlow

On my way back from an appointment today, I cringed, but put Rush Limbaugh on the radio as nothing else was on. I wanted to see what he was addressing in his latest ratings grabbing excuse while trying to justify the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Yes, Rush, we know Hillary Clinton is a liberal, a liar, and has a uranium problem. Yes, we know Barack Obama was a huge deficit spending, big government pushing progressive socialist enabler in the form of welfare programs and government controlled health care.

So why were you defending the 2018 fiscal budget drafted by Trump and passed by Congress? 

We, the People, have not been allowed to look at it, but we know it funds Planned Parenthood, DACA, and Obamacare subsidies. And it does not fund Trump’s beloved wall. These details were discussed in depth on Phil William’s radio show this afternoon, where conservative patriot Lita Whitener was a guest. Whitener had prepared by reading the entire bill that was available to the voting public. She was able to glean from it that it was basically an Obama style budget that was fully supported by Republicans. In fact, only one Republican senator voted against it.

The YouTube video from that radio show is here, and also is very informative on other issues.

On top of all the liberal Obama perpetuation, the budget is massive. Obama was vilified during his term by Limbaugh for creating an out of control burden on us, our children and our grandchildren, to the tune of an $800 billion dollar budget. How dare Obama shoulder us with that humongous debt? The conservative media was in hysteria mode.

Well, that budget has now been dwarfed by what Trump just pushed through, under the guise of Conservatism. One and one half trillion dollars has been appropriated for the fiscal year 2018. Look at it: $1,500,000,000,000. It is almost a 100% increase over Obama’s budget.

And nobody is blinking. Even though it barely passed the House, 216-212 yesterday, it sends a significant message to the voting public. Congress likes big tax and spend Obama type policies. Every penny will be appropriated and spent.

And Republicans don’t care. 

Not only does this exemplify that the party on the right is no longer for smaller government, but it is no longer the party of conservative values. Your Senator, unless he is Rand Paul, R-KY, who voted NAY, is FOR Planned Parenthood, FOR amnesty, and FOR government run health care, all funded by this budget. If this were not the case, if your GOP Senator had enough spine to stand on the very principles that you elected him or her for, then the votes would have gone against the Trump budget and a rework would have been necessary.

But this did not happen.

Your Senator sold you out. Rush Limbaugh doesn’t care. Sean Hannity doesn’t care. Michael Savage, Mark Levin, and on-again off-again Trumper Ben Shapiro don’t care either. Otherwise, they all would be shouting from the mountaintops about how this budget is more liberal, more damaging, and more of a burden on us and our future generations than Obama’s heavy load ever was.

Doesn’t it bother you in the least that this enormous tangle of trash makes Obama’s giant ball of twine look small?

Why do Trump supporters turn the other way and not care about this? Why are they more concerned with putting Hillary in prison? How does that benefit them in their daily lives compared to saving unborn children, keeping illegals out of our country, and paying higher health insurance premiums? To actually cutting spending, not just decreasing the increases.

I guess it’s time to start confronting them with the facts and asking them, because as of right now, all they can do is thump their chests and shout MAGA! Trump is doing good things!

Eye rolls are now permitted.


Janice Barlow is a True Crime author who also wrote a fiction account about her Greyhound, Daisy. She is currently working on a book about the effects of Agent Orange on Vietnam veterans.

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  1. How much is a trillion? If you gave $1.00 per second starting right now (that’s $60 a minute, $360.00 an hour, or $8,246.00 a day) it would take you over 31,566 YEARS.. YES!!!!! YEARS to get ONE (1) trillion dollars.

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