Planned Parenthood: Why is it Still Funded? Ask the Republicans

By Janice Barlow

In the realm of politics, morality, religion, and the human framework of LIFE, the very heart of who we are, of being, of substance, of GOD, should haunt all who believe in something beyond ourselves when we confront death.

Once again, death is in the forefront of those who choose not to sweep it under the carpet in the form of funding Planned Parenthood.

Oh crap!” you think or say aloud, “There she goes again. Why can’t she just shut up about it? You can’t legislate morality!”

Blah, blah, blah.

I cannot shut up about the fact that our government is pouring money into a “nonprofit” group that performs abortions. I acknowledge the right of Planned Parenthood to exist. But why should it be funded by you and me if we don’t want to fund it, even with a penny? If it can’t survive without government funding, then it should be left to the ash pile.

Planned Parenthood claims that only three percent of its “services” are abortive. But buried in that claim is the definition of “service“. If one woman goes in and asks for a mammogram, birth control pills and a screening for STD’s, she will get a referral for the mammogram, a prescription for the pills, and either a referral for the screening, or, in the better equipped PP centers, a screening. That counts as three services. If she gets treatment for STD’s, each treatment counts as an additional “service”.

An abortion, complete with all the preparation, paperwork, doctor’s fees and consultation, anesthesia, operating room, nurse, and other miscellaneous needs, counts as one service. It’s easy to see how PP can minimize the proportionate percentage of abortions as a part of the whole when viewing their “services.”

The chart below (left) shows the lie spread by PP that only 3% of its services are abortions. It is counting referrals, prescriptions, and multi-services given to one woman as separate, but all that are involved in a single abortion as only one service.  The chart to the right shows the actual percentage of services performed on abortions when broken down in terms of DOLLARS.









Also, it is a registered nonprofit. But, like Blue Cross Blue Shield, the executives make incomes that rival corporations in the health industry. Is a half million dollar salary worthy of a non-profit designation? And let us not forget the PP donated $20 million to the campaign of Hillary Clinton and other Democrats. $20 million. What non-profit has that kind of cash to throw around?

When Ted Cruz was running for president, one of his to-do list items was to defund Planned Parenthood by striking it from the budget. This is easy for a president to do. The president drafts the budget. It then gets sent to Congress. Congress either approves it, or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, Congress can recommend changes called a “Budget Resolution” and then send it back to the president. The president can accept it or re-work it again and send it back. He always has help in the form of some sort of budget committee. He signs off on the final budget.

So why didn’t Donald Trump, who had immediately banned funding of all international Planned Parenthood clinics with an Executive Order, stop that funding here in the United States?

A number of reasons come to mind. First, his daughter, Ivanka is an unabashed liberal.  (I name her because Trump does have another daughter, Tiffany, whom he ignores). I would certainly hope that conservatives who support Trump remember Ivanka and her husband Jared and their liberal backgrounds in the future when they run for office in some capacity, because the entire Trump voting base is doing that two-step shuffle to the left every day.

Ivanka is very headstrong on women’s issues. Back in March, just prior to the drafting of the temporary budget to prevent a government shutdown, she met with the leaders of Planned Parenthood. It magically ended up being funded in the budget. Trump supporters insisted that it was a temporary funding and would be gone in October when the new fiscal budget was presented. Oops.

Ivanka is the one who pushed for paid maternity leave beyond six weeks. This would put a tremendous burden on small businesses. As a person who raised two children and was able to work and spend plenty of quality time with them, I can personally say that it is socialism to expect society to pay women to stay home and also keep their jobs away from home for extended periods. It’s one or the other. Choose or be self-employed.

A stay at home mom until children are in school is one of the most rewarding jobs there is, and it is amazing how some entrepreneurial women have been able to do so and still earn incomes. Ivanka never had to concern herself with this. She has lived with her solid gold spoon her entire life.

Second, Trump allowed Planned Parenthood to stay in the budget because he himself is liberal and his liberal friends and lobbyists pushed him in this direction. He leans to the left on almost every issue, except for those he is bipolar on, such as gay rights. Trump, no doubt, has no feelings about abortion one way or another, and likely had to confront the issue personally in the past. But the very fact that Senate Republicans passed the budget  illustrates clearly that they are no longer the party that stands on higher ground when it comes to moral issues and the sanctity of life. (It has yet to pass the House, but it shouldn’t have any roadblocks there).

Sure, there are a handful of Republicans who oppose Planned Parenthood funding and are outspoken about it. But it is a dwindling number. Aren’t Believers called to put God preeminent in our lives? Doesn’t that mean to sacrifice our very professions if we are backed in a corner and have to choose LIFE?

Any Republican worth his or her salt should have stood on the Senate floor and stated: “I cannot vote for a budget that funds Planned Parenthood, an organization that murders unborn children”.

That’s all. That’s all that would need to be stated. If they each did so, God would be glorified and the budget would have to be altered. But the GOP has become an extension of the Democratic Party that it claims to disdain. Otherwise, its members would stand up for life anytime they could.

I am ashamed of any of them that voted for this budget and no excuse is good enough. None. How can they go home and look at their children and grandchildren?

We, as Americans, need to leave the Republican Party and seek to form a true party of godly men and women, or the collapse of America is on the horizon.

As we all face death, we also are facing the death of the sanctity of life.

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One thought on “Planned Parenthood: Why is it Still Funded? Ask the Republicans

  1. Former Congressman Davy Crockett – “We have the right as individuals to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right to appropriate a dollar of the public money.”

    I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on the objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.” — James Madison
    (1751-1836), Father of the Constitution for the USA, 4th US President

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