Part Two: Disabled Animals Who Overcame Their Challenges Thanks to Their Human Angels

by J. Lee

Disabled Animals Who Overcame Their Challenges

This story is a continuation of my previous disabled animal story featuring dogs and cats. See below for a link to read: Part One ‘Disabled Dogs And Cats – Amazing Mobility With Pet Wheelchairs And Water Therapy’.

This story will give you a greater understanding about disabled animals, technological advances in the medical field, veterinary advances, and those who rescue special need animals.

Some animals are fitted with wheelchairs. Some are fitted with prosthetics which can be referred to as having bionic legs.  Beaks are created through the use of 3-D printers or other materials. Fish are creatively fitted with flotation aides.

A variety of animals, birds and fish benefit from modern technology, prosthetics and 3-D printers. Technology gives animals a new lease on life. Due to the fragile nature of their injuries, most animals will live out their lives at sanctuaries. Disabled animals can live in these protected environments in safety, and with loving attention of workers and volunteers.


Goldfish buoyancy problems – Symptoms: The symptoms can vary but usually it is one of three options. Some fish float like a cork and have to fight to get below the surface. Others sink like a stone and it is an effort to swim and finally some fish lose their equilibrium and struggle to keep the right way up.
Fish which sink don’t have to much of a problem with coping, Fish at the surface will tire themselves by trying to swim downwards.
Upside down fish do least well and if the fish doesn’t look like recovering then euthanasia should be considered to end unnecessary suffering because such a fish would not be able to feed at all and if floating it may expose its underside to the air where it will dry and become a source of infection and pain to the fish.


18 Unbelievable Disabled Animals is a video that showcases success stories and medical advances. It’s a must watch video that shows how human intervention, imagination and determination has improved the quality of life for the most vulnerable among us.
25 Animals with Prosthetic Body Parts – Have you seen the movie Dolphin Tale?  Ha ha, of course not.  But it’s about a dolphin that gets a rubber tail after Morgan freeman tries to eat it.  In honor of that brave dolphin, here’s 25 animals that have fake parts.

Video: 5 Animals That Use Prosthetic Limbs – See a compilation of animals that use prosthetic limbs.

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