Sifting Through Conspiracies in the Las Vegas Tragedy

By Janice Barlow

Sadly, a mass, deadly attack has once again occurred inside our own borders. We can no longer assume that it is safe to be in the United States compared to say, Europe, Australia or South America. The desensitized nature we had grown accustomed to regarding our surroundings no longer applies. We must be wary and on guard at all times, and even that vigilance won’t always guarantee complete safety.

Rather than focusing on the argument of owning assault weapons, I am currently concerned with the impulsive need of so many to latch onto alternative theories to one shooter and one location in Las Vegas last Sunday night.

Before we look at what is collective and credible, let’s look at some of the proposed theories and why they don’t seem to fit the mold of this tragedy.

Multiple shooters

There are many people and fake news, click bait blog sites stating that there was more than one shooter. The 4th floor shooter theory at the Mandalay Hotel has been debunked because the light that was supposed to be a muzzle flash on a taxi cab driver’s video turned out to be a strobe light. The light was blinking before the shooting started and no windows were busted out on the 4th floor. This theory was debunked for other reasons as well that are searchable by Googling.

Initially, the FBI did announce that it was looking for other suspects; possibly another shooter. It quickly ruled this out. This approach is not unusual; in fact, in most mass shootings, the Feds will look for additional suspects until they can rule out that possibility based on evidence and circumstances.

One of many false premises that has been introduced to argue for two or more shooters, has to do with the busted windows on floor 32 of the Mandalay. The windows belong to two suites.  A claim is being made that a second shooter occupied a second room.

The facts that were obtained early, make clear that these were not only adjacent rooms, but that they were adjoining suites, which Paddock occupied for the purposes of attacking the concert-goers from two different vantage points and directions. This was confirmed by the Clark County Commissioner appointed as liaison with the media.

Gunshot sounds

There have been various videos introducing spurious scenarios on Youtube. Youtube is a hot bed of distortions and outright fiction whenever a terrorist or mass homicide takes place. One video had the audio deliberately doctored to suggest multiple shooters – one close to the source of the video footage was boosted to impress the idea of proximity and the same shots were muted alternately to give the impression of distance.

Others have said that survivors perceived that shots on their camera phone videos had different sound characteristics from one burst of gunfire to the next. That has been explained as well. When Paddock moved from one window to the other in order to distribute more widely the volleys of death, the sound characteristics changed correspondingly due to the varying resonances of the gunfire reflecting different angles of the structures between Paddock’s room and the concert venue. Additionally, different weapons have different sound signatures when fired, just as two brands of autos have different exhaust notes.

Aria Hotel

A couple of amateur videos were released about another shooting at the Aria Hotel. No bodies were ever mentioned and no injured people treated from there. The only verbal information was provided by an unknown party who was interviewed in a video voiceover. The people running in a video when shots were heard in the background were also seen in part of a longer clip, and they were running during the shooting from the Mandalay.

What actually happened? The Aria and other hotels within walking distance of the Mandalay went into lockdown after the shooting from the Mandalay. The people in the conspiracy video were actually running from the shots they heard from the Mandalay shooter, not from one anywhere in the Aria. That’s why no one died at the Aria.

The shooter, Stephen Paddock, according to police reports, killed himself as SWAT entered his room by force. His room was large and automatic weapons, ammo and shells were scattered about.

If Paddock had help, it would have more likely been in the procurement of his weapons over a long period of time, and maybe in his transporting of them to the hotel room. This was not a man who was a stranger to these automatic or adapted semi-auto rifles. He had accumulated his large rifle collection over a period of 20 years, and was able to kill 59 people from a distance of about three football fields. But he shot them by himself.

Previous attempts

A further point of evidence that isolates Paddock as the lone perpetrator of this atrocity, is the fact disclosed yesterday that investigators discovered that Paddock had attempted to rent an apartment in another highrise condominium over two weeks ago.

That apartment directly overlooked another music festival in town, the “Life Is Beautiful” concert, held on Sept. 22-24, north of the Las Vegas strip. Had he been able to obtain the room he sought to rent, the slaughter most likely would have occurred there.  This, and so many other factors, blow the ridiculous and unfounded theory that the killings that took place at the Route 91 Harvest Festival were a “botched sting operation”.

There is an unresolved question of a woman who was seen with Paddock in the hotel by staff. She was not in the room when the police busted in and they are looking for information on her identity.

There are two things to remember when looking at crimes, much the same way an infectious disease specialist needs to look for the cause of an illness.

  • First – There are no coincidences. The fact that Paddock’s girlfriend was conveniently out of the way in the Philippines and that he had wired her $100,000 shortly before the shooting, shows that he wanted her out of the way and to have money, since she would not be inheriting his assets if he died. She had an alibi and is also cooperating with law enforcement.
  • Second – If something looks like it caused something else or led to something else, then it most likely did. The odds of it not being what it looks like on the surface, after the chaos has been cleared, are extremely small. If it quacks like a duck, it’s not a rooster.

False Flag fiction

There has also been floated the nonsensical proposition that the shooting was faked; a “false flag” operation where the victims were “crisis actors” and that no one really died and the incident was staged for propaganda reasons. If anything can be considered more outlandish than the multiple shooter hypothesis – this is clearly it.  Without dignifying this exploitative narrative unduly, it is valuable to note that such a set up would require:

  • 22,000 ‘crisis actors’
  • The complicity of the event promoters and the denial of actual concert passes to genuine music fans
  • The cooperation of the management and staff of the Mandalay Bay resort and hotel.
  • The cooperation of leagues of first responders both emergency medical and law enforcement
  • The involvement in this plot of 8 local hospitals’ emergency room staff and physicians
  • A means to re-locate on a permanent basis all of the known people (59) that were killed and the 527 that were injured.
  • The involvement of the victims’ family and friends in such a ruse.

All of this exists on a level with fake moon shots and the contention of a disturbing number who contend that the Earth is flat and that the Sandy Hook massacre and that of the Pulse Orlando nightclub were faked.

The simple reality

The bottom line is that Steven Paddock is not who people thought he was, or who they represent him to be on camera. Paddock was the son of a psycho bank robber who was on the FBI’s top 10 most wanted list, who had actually escaped prison for three years before being caught again.

Paddock worked for both the IRS and the Post Office so it is not likely that he was neutral regarding his feelings about the government.  Paddock was a multimillionaire, and not because he was a penny-pincher or high income earner.  He wasn’t. He gambled, habitually and high stakes. So he must have been good at it.

Something triggered this horrific response in his psyche. Something pushed him over the edge to cause him to do a probable dry run at Lollapalooza back in August in Chicago, and then proceed with the real thing on Sunday.

He wanted to be remembered. Satan danced as each bullet flew from the weapons of a lone rogue wolf. It was one guy. It wasn’t staged and there were no crisis actors. As of now, 59 people were murdered in cold blood. Nobody’s death was faked. And nobody died whom we didn’t hear about.

Let’s stick with what we know to be true and not be wingnuts. Alex Jones is licking his chops. I would be terribly embarrassed if conservatives turn out to be members of the party of hoax believers.

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