It’s Not Your Party and You Should Leave if You’re a Conservative: Continue the GOP Exodus

By Janice Barlow

Last year, when many of us were knocked off our feet as Donald Trump steamrolled over the other Republican candidates one by one, eventually gaining the nomination, we went into a holding pattern. Many of us were in denial. Some of us decided to just go with the flow and accept the outlier as our new commander in chief, barring a win by Hillary Clinton. Others, like myself, stood against the whole fiasco and stayed off the train, knowing that the GOP platform would never be Republican.

Then, irrational fear by grown men and women of an old hag in pantsuits swept the nation like wildfire. With or without the tampering of our voting process by the Russians, Donald Trump was swept into office by a bunch of frightened people who clearly were fine with Obama’s reelection, but Hillary scared the living daylights out of them. They screamed, “BUT NOT HILLARY!!!” And the gullible listened to the binary choice.

But I don’t want to continue to beat that dead donkey. It’s old news, and one way or another, we were going to end up with a donkey in the White House, since Trump has now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he truly still is a Democrat.

The Democrat platform of Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump that we see now is being glossed over as the new GOP. But the Republicans are merely exemplifying what was a Democrat platform for YEARS. The elephant party has simply shuffled to the left, to the left, to the left left left.

And those of us who remain are laughingly referred to as, “liberals”. Yet we are the ones who are against: DACA, Sanctuary Cities, Planned Parenthood, any form of Obamacare, Common Core, climate change, extended maternity leave, etc, etc, etc.

So fellow conservatives, what should you be doing?

If you haven’t yet, you certainly need to jump ship from the Republican party. Print out the form from your state to change party affiliation to Independent, which allows you to vote for any candidate, sign it, and fax or mail it in right away. Put your heart where your words are.

Don’t give the excuse that you are waiting for the midterms to vote in the primary. Your candidate is going to do what he or she will with or without you. And some closed primaries let independents vote in either one anyway.

If you feel some kind of disillusioned loyalty to the party who robbed us during the GOP Convention when it wouldn’t give conservatives a voice; when it shut off the microphone of Mike Lee as he tried to address rules that were blatantly broken by Reince Preibus and others, then you deserve to be in the left moving Unibrow Party that is really Democratic.

Think about your own values. Just today, Congress passed a $2 billion increase to research transgenderism! Wouldn’t you like to know if your Republican congresspersons voted yes on this?  I certainly am going to find out and I will never vote for them again. They are not conservatives, but instead, the new Democrats, or maybe better labeled, “Republicrats”.

There must be an uprising in politics, similar to a revival in Christianity. Before we can get anything done we must first:

  • Believe we can affect change
  • Take the initial step to affect change (LEAVE THE GOP!)
  • Get involved at the Grassroots level to affect change by joining groups interested in forming a third party (There are several underway – future articles coming on this!)
  • Tell others

There is no hope in the current government situation. The GOP is dead. It’s like buying stock in a company and watching it collapse. Is it wiser to hold it and hope and wait for it to come back in a decent market, or to sell it and buy another that has much more momentum behind it?

Leaving the Republican Party shows it that it is no longer a powerful force. It relies not only on money but on membership. And also, keep in mind that if you donate to a particular candidate, if that candidate reaches maximum funding capacity, pour over funds go to the GOP. I don’t even give to candidates any longer. They can rely on the lobbyists that they keep saying they will do away with. It will never happen, folks!

Remember, IT’S NOT ABOUT PERSONALITY! If you rely on a person to carry you through the political seasons, you will always be let down. It’s about policy. And right now, we are under a Democrat ruled government, because there aren’t enough conservatives to stand up against a Democrat president who is hiding behind his Velcro R, albeit, very unsuccessfully.

Do it now. Google your state government. Get the form. LEAVE THE GOP!

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