Phil Williams' Lil' Jimmy character with custom van and Lil' Jimmy graphics

Phil Williams And His Mission To Inspire Youth Via The Medium Of Entertainment

By Janice Barlow

Phil Williams is not your garden variety veteran of military service.  He’s a gospel singer/songwriter who has written hundreds of songs and records and mixes for other artists.  He has a radio podcast.  He’s a preacher when the occasion calls for it; a youth pastor at Mustard Seed Faith Ministries under Pastor Jimmy A. Copeland – and a motivational speaker.

Phil’s out in neighborhoods in and around metropolitan Atlanta daily, talking with young people about civics and responsibility, conflict resolution and problem solving in their own street talk, and he’s making headway. Phil Williams also has a service related disability. He was a communications specialist in the Army.

When talking to him one-on-one, I can’t say I’ve ever spoken with a more humble yet enthusiastic person. He is filled to overflowing with hope for the future of our country and how he wants to impact it.

Phil has created a character, Lil’ Jimmy.  Lil’ Jimmy was abandoned by his mother, doesn’t know his dad and was adopted by his Old School Hip Hop Grandfather (which is his mother’s dad) after in and out of foster care, group homes and juvenile jails at the age of 9.  Lil’ Jimmy is a good student and is focused on “pozitivity”.

Lil’ Jimmy has his own radio show in Atlanta. It’s the only radio show directed specifically at kids.  In 2011 Lil’ Jimmy did a fitness challenge for Atlanta teens that was a huge local success.

Phil has created Lil’ Jimmy to reach out to all youth of all backgrounds, to instill in them a sense of community and character. Lil’ Jimmy is Phil Williams himself. He dons a Lil’ Jimmy head that cost him thousands of dollars to have made, and he wears his own clothing instead of a costume, so that everything is more real for the audience.

Phil takes Lil’ Jimmy’ on the road to schools and events, where he magically switches to the voice of a curious twelve year old who finds himself caught up in realistic and difficult situations that kids can relate to. Then Phil is able to demonstrate how Lil’ Jimmy learns from his experiences and always is able to stay “pozitive”.

These teachable moments are catching on, and Lil’ Jimmy’ is in demand throughout the Atlanta area now. Phil has written a draft of the first in a series of Lil’ Jimmy’ books that he shared with me. Within the space of under 3,000 words, Phil incorporated real life situations and tied them all together at the end for kids to glean character building lessons.  I am excited about the prospects of taking this concept nationwide!

Lil Jimmy’ also has over 250 rap songs written by Phil, because he is a songwriter. These songs are all about values and character. Each one touches on a different aspect of character building. By getting these songs on CD’s and into the earbuds of kids and teens, and even college students, Phil has designed a way of subtly replacing music with bad messages with good ones instead.

But he doesn’t stop there.  Phil Williams wants to demonstrate personal commitment to his campaign to change public attitudes – especially the paradigm of government dependency as versus empowerment and initiative.

Lil’ Jimmy Always Pozitive Tablets & Teddy Bears © occurred to Phil because it’s back to school time. He at first wanted to go into hospitals and do something for the kids there, but looking into it further, it seemed that everyone was doing it. Then he realized the difficulty of doing anything directly with the schools because of how they are funded and all the red tape involved.

Lil' Jimmy promotional image depicting the Tablets and Teddy Bears program

So it occurred to him, – what if he took learning TO the children who couldn’t go to school?  The ones who are too sick or have disabilities that keep them from being mainstreamed into the school systems and therefore are homebound.

Or in the hospital for extended periods. Phil developed the program, Lil’ Jimmy Always Pozitive Tablets & Teddy Bears ©.  There are 3 “Pozitive Companions” as components of this outreach program:

 1. Lil Jimmy for inspiration

 2. Computer Tablets for education

 3. Teddy Bears for companionship

Each child will get a tablet that will allow him or her to have focused access to educational resources.

These can even be online portals that are connected to their own school system’s extended learning programs, in cooperation with school districts.

The tablets will also feature the Lil’ Jimmy podcasts and of course, play ‘Lil Jimmy songs.

Each child would also get a Teddy bear. This is important because the two go together. Learning happens best when a child knows he / she is loved.

Best of all, Lil’ Jimmy himself would personally deliver the tablet and Teddy bear to the child.

Phil and a close team of colleagues, friends and business associates have jump started the purchase of the first 100 tablets and Teddy bears. This, in addition to his expenses of running the Lil’ Jimmy podcasts and events, has been quite costly for a vet on disability.  Phil told us that the most difficult part of his whole venture is asking people for money. He says that he is very bad at doing that. Which is why we want to help promote the mission.

Phil has to make some repairs to the Lil’ Jimmy headpiece now, because its had so much use.  Even though he’s talented enough to make the repairs himself, materials alone cost over $300.  His operating expenses also include a van that has been nicely detailed from bumper to bumper with graphics depicting Lil’ Jimmy.

It is the goal of National Compass to help put Phil Williams and Lil’ Jimmy on the map, not just in the greater Atlanta area where the  Lil’ Jimmy Always Pozitive Tablets & Teddy Bears © program is breaking out, but all across the country –  since we share his belief in inspiring people to consider the merits of new, positive and effective solutions to the problems facing society. We believe there are alternatives for wayward teens – paths away from gangs, substance abuse, crime and delinquency.  There are several ways you can help.

Phil Williams and his Lil' Jimmy character

For one, follow The Phil Williams Show on Facebook. You can view his past podcasts there. Also, check out the Lil’ Jimmy website, .

You can take a listen to one of his radio shows. He’s all about being “pozitive”.

Next, be sure to catch Phil’s new podcasts every week on Facebook. They do cover some political topics, but whether or not you agree with him on everything, there’s always a great takeaway that will make sense.

The broadcasts are not pre-scripted.  Instead, Phil speaks what is on his heart and mind, and he’s very gifted at it.

Last, please consider donating to the Tablets & Teddy Bears project. Tablets & Teddy Bears is set up through a 501c3 organization, so your donation is tax deductible.

The approximate cost of a tablet and bear for a child is $40, not including the gas and vehicle maintenance for Phil and his crew to deliver these in their own spare time. But any amount you can afford to give helps! You can donate directly by clicking on the Lil’ Jimmy website here. When you open the site, scroll down and CLICK on the DONATE button. Any gift at all is deeply appreciated:

National Compass is pleased to support Phil’s initiatives and we’ll be keeping you up to date with his activities going forward. Stay tuned.

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