Eric Trump Doesn’t Believe That His Dad’s Critics Are Human – Complains To Hannity About Hate

J. Lee

Eric Trump was interviewed by Sean Hannity on Tuesday night (June 6, 2017). The interview is comical in many ways except for when Eric said this about those who oppose his father: “I’ve never seen hatred like this. I mean, to me, they’re not even people.”

Eric stated that he hasn’t seen hatred like this, however his father is all about hate, as witnessed while campaigning, attacking any opposition then, and now with the media – if it doesn’t laud him, he calls it “fake”.

Eric says morality has flown out the window“? What do the Trump’s know about morality especially the President?  At this point, it’s not even necessary to expound on morality when it concerns Donald Trump.

Eric says that they came after his family viciously. Who did? What about the vicious attacks his father made against Ted Cruz, and other candidates and journalists? Trump has a growing list of insults made against people on Twitter alone.

video screenshot of Eric Trump interviewed by Sean Hannity

Eric states that his father didn’t spend much money during the campaign. Trump would have spent more during the primaries if not for all the free advertising and interviews he was granted by Fox News. Breitbart and The National Enquirer did much to help him too.

The media gave him over $4.5 billion in free advertising, so it seems that Trump himself didn’t need to dip into his own coffers.

Eric claims that profanity shouldn’t be used, (ah hem…) Really? His father is one of the worst abusers of profanity. He used it often at his rallies. No doubt, he continues to use it behind closed doors in rants at his staff members.

Eric believes that America’s confidence is at an all-time high. Really…? Then why does his father only have a 34% current approval rating according to the latest polling data?

Most ironically, Eric says that America should bring principles and manners back. He probably needs to start with his father, who lacks both.

Story republished from June 8, 2017.

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