Making Excuses for Donald Trump is Getting Old Fast


By Janice Barlow

Making excuses for President Trump seems to be the modus operandi of all who support him. From his closest advisors to his base of voters and even those who did not vote for him, but feel that they must look the other way and uphold him as their leader at all costs. (“I voted for Ted Cruz, but Trump…”). It’s an old, tired mantra.

It’s not required that we look back too far to see that this is problematic for conservatives. Right now, the very idea of shutting down the government in order to build the wall is Trump’s latest threat. What happened to Mexico paying for it?

He also seems to go after the Republicans more than the Democrats when he makes these threats. On the legislative table in the days ahead are a new income tax structure and a trillion dollar infrastructure proposal.

Once again, there is no move toward smaller government, the supposed hallmark of the Republican Party. Barack Obama was harshly criticized for his stimulus bill with shovel-ready jobs, and its outrageous cost to taxpayers, which was less than a trillion dollars. It was viewed as an expansive government undertaking and, by the Republicans, a failure.

So why are they grasping, through Trump, at a similar hugely expensive proposal? Granted, bridges and roads are falling apart. But repairs take money. That, combined with increased military spending for defense against the potential threats of North Korea, and opening the door with more war in Afghanistan, allows little room for tax cuts.

The same dog-eared intonation of increasing taxes on the wealthy so that everyone else gets a cut wasn’t even part of Trump’s tax solution. So the tax relief will just fall from the sky? If taxes are cut and there is (supposed) tax relief for the middle class and small businesses, who pays the differential? Trump has already stated that the wealthy get a tax cut too, and so do corporations.

Heading into these debates, Trump has continuously attacked his own (Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan) on health care and the debt ceiling, and other Republican senators on Russian sanctions, which he would like to override.

He continues to tweet rants about the Russian probe, re-opening his taunts against Kim Jong Un, and launching new tirades that contradict his calm teleprompter speech written by someone else regarding the chaos in Charlottesville, VA.

The events change. The proposals change. But the rhetoric is the same. The sad end result is that Donald Trump’s base continues to support him through thick and thin. The people will make every excuse to say that


  • Hasn’t been in office long enough to prove himself!
  • Is better than Hillary!
  • Is still learning, give him a chance!
  • Has done good things!
  • Is the president, so we must support him!
  • And that weak straw:

Who told any of us that we must support the lesser of two evils? Where is that even a Biblical premise?

Does God tell us to choose the lesser of two sins or to turn away from sin?

(See 2 Timothy 3:1-7)

If nothing else is remembered from this article after you click away from it, remember this:

Donald Trump allowed Planned Parenthood funding to stay in the budget for 2017.

He could have easily, with the swipe of a pen, deleted it. Any conservative president would have relished the opportunity to do so.

Trump did not. And because of that funding, babies have died. Choose carefully whom you will support, and make excuses for. Lives depend on it.


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  1. I loved this when you first wrote it. I have a suggestion that perhaps you might consider writing it again, and including all of the nothingness he has done since you wrote the article in April. But as always, well said!

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