Vlad’s Vacations Trump Donald’s Jersey Twitter Travels – Putin Asserts Presidential Vacation Superiority

By Janice Barlow

Donald Trump likes to compete with Vladmir Putin in any way possible and Putin seems to enjoy the attention. True to form, both leaders are taking their vacations at the same time. Putin, in great physical shape, has already taken in fishing, horseback riding, scuba diving, mushroom hunting and soaking in some rays in Siberia.

Trump has taken in some golf and his favorite pastime, tweeting.

A shirtless Putin, rarely smiling, was photographed by Kremlin photographer Alexey Nikolsky, engaging in various activities. Often shown without a hat, Putin is not in the least bit self-conscious about his lack of a full head of hair. He appears both relaxed yet intense.

The photos seem to have been released almost as a taunt to Trump, who wouldn’t appear shirtless in front of any camera for any reason, let alone without his golf hat on the fairways.

Putin showing off his sizable catch

                                                                               Photo credit: Alexey Nikolsky/AFP/Getty Images

Putin getting set to scuba dive

       Photo credit: Alexey Nokolsky/AFP/Getty Images

Putin guiding his boat

Photo credit: Alexey Nokolsky/AFP/Getty Images

The photos of Putin are designed not only to show a fit president having a great time in the wilderness, but to highlight the beauty of Siberia in the summer. No doubt he is enjoying himself.  But is he also intentionally trying to prove just how much he is enjoying life, to his rival who could not lift sanctions on Russia?

Trump is quite self-conscious about his appearance. His hair and wrinkles managed, but his physique not exactly trim. Of course he has seven years on Putin, but for a 64-year-old man, Putin does wear it well.

Trump, is claiming that he is really not on vacation, but is working hard from New Jersey because the White House is undergoing some renovations. The president is at his Bedminster Golf resort where Think Progress editor, Judd Legum was able to capture a photo of him on the course and included it in a tweet:

Mild though this time on the links may appear compared to Putin’s real adventures, Trump should not actually need a vacation. After all, in his first seven months, he has taken 53 vacation days, compared to Barack Obama’s 26 in his first entire year.

And Donald Trump is not exactly the type of person who would take an 18 inch bass off of a hook. He’s better at hooking a ball into the next fairway.

Where did it go?

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